Liga MX Femenil

Liga MX Femenil: Apertura 2021 Transfer Tracker

It’s been an action packed preseason for the Liga MX Femenil. Tons of changes, new international arrivals and lots to look forward to. We’ll be providing the latest transfer updates as we get ready for the Apertura. Enjoy.




Person Position Move Team of Origin
Jana Gutierrez Midfielder Departure
Natalia Mauleon Forward Signing Toluca
Amanda Perez Midfielder Signing Sporting CP 
Karen Luna Defender Signing Tigres
Jaidy Gutierrez Goalkeeper Departure
Alexandra Godinez Defender Signing Puebla 
Craig Harrington Head Coach Signing Utah Royals
Jennifer Munoz Midfielder Departure, Retirement
Camila Martinez Goalkeeper Departure Fuerzas Básicas
Fernanda Pina Midfielder Departure
Zulma Hernandez Midfielder Departure
Dalia Molina Forward Departure
Veronica Perez Defender Departure
Zoe Aguirre Goalkeeper Signing San Jose State
Kiana Palacios Forward Signing Real Sociedad


Immediate Thoughts: 

    1. Adriana and Amelia had a good and honest discussion involving the recruitment of new America Femenil head coach, Craig Harrington. Head to minute 31 to listen to that episode here.
    2. Natalia Mauleon’s addition to the squad will very likely help out the offense and as someone who created so many chances at Toluca, more goals are coming for the rising star.
    3. The European experience Amanda Perez brings will be a fun watch and it will good to see how she contributes to the midfield.
    4. Kiana Palacios becomes yet another Mexican to head to the Liga MX Femenil from Europe. It will be interesting to see the difference in development for her.






Person Position Move Team of Origin
Nicole Buenfil Goalkeeper Departure
Ana Rodriguez Midfielder Departure
Deyanira Villalobos Forward Departure
Valentina de la Mora Defender Departure  
Veronica Perez Midfielder Signing America 
Daniela Meza Defender  Signing  Fuerzas Básicas 
Stephanie Soto  Midfielder Signing Queretaro
Sarahi Gonzalez Forward Signing Fuerzas Básicas 


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. Not uncommon to see Atlas be silent during an offseason apart from a few departures. But will they have any signings, especially with foreign players being allowed?
  2. Whether it’s an Orlegi thing or just an understandable faith in his system, Samayoa’s moves always seem strategically simplistic. Veronica Perez is a big signing for such a timid team but it should help them tremendously (hoping she doesn’t have any injuries throughout the season).

Atlético de San Luis


Person Position Move Team of Origin
Rigoberto Esparza Head Coach Departure  
Jesús Padrón Head Coach Signing Atlético de San Luis (men’s youth división)
Cintia Monreal Goalkeeper Departure  
Heidi González Goalkeeper Departure  
Karla Cantú Centre back Departure  
Edith Carmona Left back Departure  
Nayeli Munguía Right back Departure, retirement  
Natalia González Midfielder Departure  
Paola Alemán Midfielder Departure  
Britany Cárdenas Winger Departure  
Ramona Paredes Striker Departure  
Sharon Barba Midfielder Signing Cruz Azul
Ivette Alvarado Goalkeeper Signing Toluca
Emily Gonzalez Forward Signing Puebla
Ana Karen Lopez Defender Signing Toluca
Rubi Ruvalcaba Midfielder Signing Cruz Azul
Rebeca Villuendas Midfielder Signing Cruz Azul


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. LOTS of departures but as we go through this list, it’s happening all throughout the league so not a huge cause for concern
  2. Signing players from Cruz Azul and Toluca is a strategic move, especially when they are midfielders and defenders. San Luis might not ever be a strong top contender but they can complicate things for those higher ranked teams.




Person Position Move Team of Origin
Miriam García Centre-back Departure  
Fernanda Ayala Goalkeeper Departure  
Casandra Montero Midfielder Signing Mazatlán
Tania Morales Midfielder Return from ACL tear Chivas
Atzimba Casas Striker Signing FC Juárez
Rubí Soto Winger Signing/Return FC Villarreal
Karol Contreras Goalkeeper Signing Fuerzas Basicas


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. Chore Mejia once again seems to be going for system players rather than flashy names, recruiting to offensive players that shined on an individual level for their clubs. Whatever he’s cooking up, it’s going to be exciting to watch.
  2. Tania Morales and Rubi Soto both returning is going to help that team camaraderie grow that much more (hopefully)


Cruz Azul


Person Position Move Team of Origin
Dalia Molina Forward  Signing America
Claudia Cid Forward Signing Leon Femenil 
Brianda Escobedo Diaz Defender Signing Necaxa
Alejandra Curiel Forward Departure
Paola Espino Forward Departure
Alejandra Tovar Defender Departure  
Magaly Cortes  Forward  Signing Mazatlan
Rubi Ruvalcaba Midfielder Departure  
Edith Carmona Defender Signing San Luis
Nancy Zaragoza Midfielder Signing Xolos
Itzayana Gonzalez Goalkeeper Signing Leon 
Dayri Hernandez Goalkeeper Signing Queretaro
Nataly Cardenas Defender Signing
Alondra Gonzalez Midfielder Signing
Jazmin Maldonado Midfielder Signing
Eleisa Santos Reyes Defender Signing America Femenil


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. Letting go of Alejandra Curiel is a BOLD choice
  2. Mazatlan forward Magaly Cortes is a great get for a team that was so close to reaching the playoffs as are Claudia Cid and Dalia Molina 


FC Juarez


Person Position Move Team of Origin
Marypaz Barboza Defender Signing Queretaro
Diana Garcia Goalkeeper Signing Queretaro
Carolina Solis  Midfielder Signing Saint Leo University
Perla Navarrete  Midfielder Signing Santos
Carla Apodaca Goalkeeper Departure  
Atzimba Casas Striker Departure
Alejandra Curiel Forward Signing Cruz Azul
Valentina de la Mora Defender Signing Atlas
Adriana Orozco Midfielder Signing Queretaro
Daniela Reza Midfielder Departure  
Paola Gonzalez  Defender  Signing Cruz Azul 
Valeria Meza Defender Signing Necaxa
Ericka Soto Midfielder Signing Xolos Femenil


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. I would love to know what convinced Alejandra Curiel to head over to FC Juarez. To be a fly on the wall for that.
  2. THREE Queretaro players? Again, fly on the wall.


Leon Femenil


Person Position Move Team of Origin
Joselyn de La Rosa Midfielder Departure  
Sanjuana Munoz Forward Departure  
Lucero Cuevas Forward Departure  
Esmeralda Verdugo Midfielder Departure  
Dariana Rubio Forward Departure  
Denisse Valdez Midfielder Departure  
Itzayana Gonzalez Goalkeeper Departure  
Claudia Cid Defender Departure
Anisa Guajardo  Forward  Signing Pumas
Berenise Munoz  Striker Signing Pachuca
Liliana Hernandez  Forward  Signing Mazatlan
Wendy Regalado  Midfielder  Signing Pachuca
Selene Castillo Forward Signing Savage Femenil
Carolina Sanchez Goalkeeper Signing Santos 
Sabrina Munguia Forward Signing


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. So many departures….
  2. Very interesting combination of signing, with a clear prioritization of the offense




Person Position Move Team of Origin
Karina Aburto Defender Departure  
Janae Gonzalez Forward Departure  
Joshelyn Rodriguez Goalkeeper Departure  
Jessica Perez Defender Departure  
Magaly Cortes Forward Departure  
Liliana Hernandez Forward Departure  
Wendy Gallardo Goalkeeper Departure  
Jazmin Lopez Defender Departure  
Nallely Magana Defender Departure  
Kenya Tellez Midfielder Departure  
Casandra Montero Midfielder Departure  
Camila Calvillo Defender Departure  
Fernanda Ayala Goalkeeper Signing Chivas
Priscila Gaitan Forward Signing Pachuca
Alejandra Escobedo Defender Signing
Paola Aleman Midfielder Signing Atletico San Luis
Brenda Sosa Midfielder Signing
Ximena Moreno Forward Signing
Wendy Padilla Midfielder Signing
Paloma Velazquez Midfielder Signing


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. For a team that had just started their inaugural season, Mazatlan gave a lot of fight and it shows with all these grabs other top teams are making.
  2. No signings as of now and for a team with little to no depth, it’s going to be interesting what they come up with.
  3. Very excited to see Paola Aleman take on a new adventure in Mazatlan.


Monterrey (Rayadas)


Person Position Move Team of Origin
Hector Becerra Head Coach Departure
Eva Espejo Head Coach Signing Pachuca 
Ricla Rajunov Midfielder Departure  
Annia Mejia Defender Departure  
Alejandra Calderon  Defender  Signing  Queretaro
Lizette Rodriguez  Forward Signing Queretaro
Susana Romero  Forward Signing Cruz Azul


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. Many in the Rayadas community are relieved to see Hector Becerra leave and those same people are equally excited to see this new project under the leadership of Eva Espejo
  2. Rayadas already has a strong amount of depth and Lizette Rodriguez will only make it stronger
  3. Very excited to see Susana Romero also do her thing with a top team, just two years after playing at the amateur level.




Person Position Move Team of Origin
Sofia Adame Defender Departure  
Stephanie Baz Striker Departure
Brianda Escobedo Diaz Defender Departure  
Diana Anguiano  Midfielder  Signing Puebla
Alejandra Guerrero  Midfielder Signing Puebla 


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. Despite a team that has consistently struggled, they DID have their best season last time around
  2. Will much change for them? I don’t think so.




Person Position Move Team of Origin
Lucero Cuevas  Forward Signing Leon Femenil
Wendy Regalado Midfielder Departure  
Anisa Guajardo Forward Departure  
Berenice Munoz Striker Departure  
Priscila Gaitan Forward Departure  
Julieta Peralta Defender Departure  
Selene Cortes  Defender  Signing Tigres
Natalia Gomez Junco Midfielder  Signing Tigres
Charlyn Corral Forward Signing Atletico Madrid


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. Tona Is’ project was always a long-term investment and managing to qualify for the playoffs with a new system last season is a testament to the potential of what this team is able to do.
  2. These are some great signings. A team that somewhat struggled to have a proper scoring arsenal that worked well together are going to have fun with Natalia Gomez Junco in the midfield and Selene Cortes in the defense.
  3. Lucero Cuevas is scoring 5+ goals this season?
  4. Charlyn Corral scoring…. 20 goals this season?




Person Position Move Team of Origin
Mari Jose Lopez Defender Departure  
Marisa Gonzalez Sporting Director Departure  
Jimena Churape Midfielder Departure  
Citlalli Valencia Defender Departure  
Mariela Lopez Midfielder Departure  
Alexandra Godinez Defender Departure  
Yulissa Acevedo   Departure  
Ibeth Lopez Midfielder Departure  
Jessica Tenorio Midfielder Signing Cruz Azul
Samara Alcala Winger Signing Chivas
Deyaris Perez Defender Signing
Estefany Hernandez Forward Signing Necaxa
Daniela Alcantar Defender Signing Cruz Azul
Marianna Maldonado Midfielder Signing Concordia University
Evelyn Torres Goalkeeper Signing Chivas
Pilar Aceves Forward Signing
Veronica Martins Forward Signing São José Futebol 


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. No signings but much like Necaxa, it’s going to be about complicated things for the top teams and hopefully end higher on the table than last season
  2. UPDATE: Interesting signings. Still the primary objective is finishing higher than the year before.




Person Position Move Team of Origin
Ileana Dávila Head Coach Departure
Karina Báez Head Coach Signing Tigres (women’s team assistant coach)
Akemi Yokoyama Defender  Signing  Tigres 


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. Aside from Alison Gonzalez, the effect of grabbing Tigres Femenil’s seconds remains more of a theory rather than anything else but nabbing the assistant coach of the winniest team in the league can only be positive
  2. Would love to see Ileana Davila continue on in Mexican Women’s Soccer in some way




Person Position Move Team of Origin
Dayri Hernandez Goalkeeper Departure  
Lizette Rodriguez Forward Departure  
Alejandra Calderon Defender Departure  
Claudia Avila Defender Departure  
Diana Garcia Goalkeeper Departure  
MaryPaz Barboza Midfielder Departure  
Mayra Rios Midfielder Departure  
Andrea Romero Forward Departure  
Jaqueline Garcia  Forward Signing Pumas 
Fernanda Pontigo Defender Signing Tigres 
Lula Ramirez  Midfielder Signing Cruz Azul 
Ibeth Lopez  Midfielder Signing Puebla 
Karla Padilla Winger Signing  
Vanessa Cordoba Goalkeeper Signing Club Deportivo La Equidad


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. The Carla Rossi project continues on in Queretaro and I think it’s going to come back stronger than ever
  2. These are all strong signings from good teams, can also assume that they too believe in the Rossidismo 
  3. Case in point, they become the second team to announce a foreign player




Person Position Move Team of Origin
Nicole Buenfil Goalkeeper  Signing Atlas
Valeria Perez  Winger  Signing  Necaxa
Mariela Jimenez  Forward  Signing Pumas
Miroslava Maprigat Midfielder Signing Xolos


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. Santos’ main priority will likely be to qualify for the playoffs this upcoming season but I think it would still be a great season if they managed to place higher than 10th
  2. Interested to see Nicole Buenfil manage that goal




Person Position Move Team of Origin
Karina Báez Asst. Head Coach Departure  
Selena Cortes Defender Departure  
Natalia Gomez Junco Midfielder Departure  
Alejandra Gutierrez Goalkeeper Departure  
Karen Luna Defender Departure
Akemi Yokoyama Defender Departure
Mariana Elizondo Midfielder Departure
Cecilia Santiago  Goalkeeper Signing PSV
Jana Gutierrez  Midfielder  Signing America
Miriam Garcia  Centre-back Signing Chivas
Stefany Ferrer  Forward  Signing RCD Espanyol


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. Tigres Femenil was always going to be the first Liga MX Femenil team to announce their foreign player and what a signing it is.
  2. Excited to see young players Jana & Miriam sign for Tigres; hopefully Tigres is able to utilize them effectively and successfully integrates them into their system as much as they can
  3. Ceci Santiago being back in the league is awesome and should help improve the Tigres defense




Person Position Move Team of Origin
Franky Oviedo Head Coach Departure  
Fabiola Vargas  Head Coach Signing  
Sanjuana Munoz  Forward Signing Leon Femenil
Esmeralda Verdugo  Midfielder Signing Leon Femenil
Joselyn De La Rosa  Defensive Midfielder Signing Leon Femenil
Stephany Estrada  Midfielder Signing Northern State University
Annia Mejia  Defender Signing Rayadas
Alejandra Gutierrez  Goalkeeper Signing Tigres 
Angelina Hix Forward Signing CD Santiago Morning  


Immediate Thoughts: 

    1. Franky Oviedo wasn’t the answer but is Fabiola Vargas? 
    2. Hopefully Annia Mejia has her chance to shine in another Liguilla
    3. Very interesting to see Xolos acquire their own foreign player and should be a huge asset for the offense and provide Renae Cuellar some support.






Person Position Move Team of Origin
Wendy Toledo Goalkeeper  Signing  Santos 
Heidi González Goalkeeper Signing Atlético San Luis
Zulma Hernández Defender Signing América
Jazmín López Defender Signing Mazatlán
Paty Jardón Striker  Signing Pumas
Isela Ojeda Striker Signing Santos
Stephanie Baz Striker Signing Necaxa
Ximena Flores Striker Signing Chivas youth team


Immediate Thoughts: 

  1. Massive, massive signing with Wendy Toledo and for a team that is very defense-oriented, this will only strengthen the backline for them.
  2. Natalia Mauleon was a loss but all these strikers will provide a cushion to formulate a new system in the offense.



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