World Cup Anecdotes with Amelia: Thanksgiving

The holidays are always a fun time, aren’t they? Your mental health hits an all-time low as you prepare yourself for whatever might happen during the long-awaited family dinner. (Or is that just me?)

When you get there, you immediately order drinks to relieve the tension of your current mental state. Despite it being slightly more complicated here, I managed to find a restaurant that was legally serving drinks and helped myself to a Negroni not that one; a traditional one (“stunning”).

Then the drama started. From dinner before the match, to the Uber getting lost and dropping us off 35 minutes away from the stadium on our way to Brazil/Serbia (I speak LA-time), to there being no food in the concession stands inside the stadium, to the two hours it took to walk the path from Lusail Stadium to the metro after the match and then ANOTHER 45 minutes to secure an Uber back “home.”

But I suppose that’s the thing about reuniting for the holidays. All the fun of coming together for the beautiful game (or festivities) only lasts for so long before you realize there are cracks within the nice family photo. Plus, that one annoying extended family member you hate scores a goal (I mean “brags about himself too long” even though he’s not a good dude) and you’re exposed to the not-so-pleasant reality once again of the dysfunction of it all.

But hey, how often do moments like these come around?



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