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#AskCesar: Spanglish, video games and Liga MX!

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If you haven’t had a chance to check out the video preview, you can watch it here. If you’ve already done that, let’s get this week’s #AskCesar article started!

I still think Damian is an incredible player, and like most other Tigres backups, I think he could easily be a starter in several Liga MX clubs. Either way, he looked like Jurgen Damm out there with that assist to Gignac against Chivas.

Spanglish and terrible goal gifs? There’s an incessant amount of self-loathing, but I see that with 90% of soccer fans. I don’t know, I need to spend more time on MLS twitter. I usually only follow San Jose Earthquakes twitter and some L.A. Galaxy stuff.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, no.

Predicting Osorio’s starting XI is impossible, but I think we will see a few backups getting starting roles. My guess is that names such as Raul Lopez, Erick Gutierrez and Jesus Gallardo will be given the start next to Mexico’s best options.

I definitely see him as a Gold Cup player and possibly a starter. The big question here is if Osorio will consider a backline of four for that tournament. If he doesn’t plan on relying on a four-man defense, Chapo might not get a call-up.

It was a disappointing result, but I think if you told most Chivas fans beforehand that they could earn a 2-2 draw at El Volcan, they would take it. Don’t count out Chivas just yet, especially when you consider that the second leg is at home.

This is also a French player who had more goals than Zlatan during the last time that they both played in Ligue 1! It may not seem very apparent right now, but there does seem to be a gradual trend of non-Mexicans joining the league. It’s just a bit difficult to sway those Europeans when they have the best leagues in the world.

Naw, I like the two legs. I also like the fact that tiebreakers are also irrelevant in the final. I’m not the biggest fan of the away-goal tiebreaker during the quarterfinal and semifinal round.

It’s an excellent deal and I hope that more young Mexicans continue to make the leap to Europe. I think the key here is being patient with Lozano. We need to give him space to adapt to not only the league, but also an entirely new country. It might take a bit of time before we see him thriving in Spain.

Earlier today, it was announced that Cota would replace him. The Chivas goalkeeper will join the national team camp next week.

Sorry Chivas fans, I know I said earlier that the series isn’t over, but I think Tigres win on penalties. Key player here for Chivas is Cota, who needs to remain perfect in net in order to provide Chivas with some hope. For Tigres, the answer is an obvious one: Gignac. The French striker is the main reason why Tigres didn’t lose during the first leg.

As for who is more obligated, believe it or not, I think there is more pressure on Chivas. Tigres have already had a few recent tournaments that were successful. Chivas are trying to win their first title in over 10 years.

Cesar in elementary school (dressed like a skateboarder): THIS IS WHO I AM
Cesar in high school (dressed like a punk/ska kid): THIS IS WHO I AM
Cesar in college (dressed like a hippie): THIS IS WHO I AM
Cesar right now (tight pants and drinking an IPA): THIS WHO I AM

I should play more video games?



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