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#AskCesar: Wikipedia, Liga MX and Mexican nicknames

Questions! Answers!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this week’s video preview, you can watch it here. If you’ve already done that, let’s get this #AskCesar started!

It all started somewhere in Oklahoma City. I was lost and couldn’t find my favorite bbq spot. How could a Hernandez visit Oklahoma without getting some bbq from Ol’ Fat Boy’s Pork Palace? I finally found the place, but was then abducted by some aliens. They took me aboard their spacecraft, which was clearly a lease, and questioned me about 2 Tone ska music. “Naw man, I only listen to Streetlight Manifesto, I’m too young to know about 2 Tone,” I replied.

Okay that didn’t happen. I just had a chaotic schedule on Friday and then decided to postpone the video/article for today! Although I do appear quite tired in that video that I recorded immediately after I woke up.

He’s got plenty to win! Expectations will most definitely be high for America, but you get the sense that this return is going to work for both parties involved. Keep an eye on the transfer window as well, if he can get a rumored name like Guido Rodriguez in the roster, that would be one of the signings of the summer.

Easy answer here is the 1998 World Cup squad, for a few reasons. That 98 World Cup was the first one that I really remember watching. I was too young to absorb much from the 1990 or 1994 tournaments, so watching Mexico play in the 98 one was something that I will never forget. You also not only had legendary players in the team — like Luis Hernandez, Blanco, Ramon Ramirez and Campos — but also the greatest jersey that El Tri has ever played with.

To be honest, I don’t think JCO has the Olympics on the mind. I know he is a very organized and methodical leader, but the next Olympics are still too far into the future. If anything, several of those young names in the Gold Cup will be fighting for more relevance in the national team before the next World Cup.

Like any other Mexican national team coach, immediate results will be expected of JCO and any small slump or dip in form might be enough to be sacked. With two tournaments ahead, the manager has the unenviable task of weaving his way through countless matches without losing momentum. It’s going to be tough, but JCO probably recognizes that.

As for the underrated or unexpected, I’ll go with Luis Reyes in the Confed Cup and Jesus Gallardo in the Gold Cup. That is, assuming that Gallardo is one of the players dropped by JCO before the Confed Cup.

I know it would make things difficult for CCL, Copa MX and potentially Copa Lib scheduling, but I would love to see a Monday night game. In my dream world, this is what the schedule would usually look like.

# of games per day.

Fri = 2
Sat = 4
Sun = 2
Mon = 1

Despite Granada’s awful season, Ochoa has at times been brilliant in Spain over the past several months. With that experience, against some of the best players in the world, I would give Ochoa the starting spot. However, you never with JCO. He might go back-and-forth between Ochoa, Talavera and Cota during the next few weeks.

Super Mario 64! I remember when that game and the N64 system first came out. The graphics were mind-blowing to me haha. I wasted countless days of my life trying to collect those dumb stars.

I haven’t been reading up on that enough, but heard about that recently. At the moment, it’s incredibly difficult to get promoted. You either win two tournaments in a row, or win one and then win the promotion playoff game. It’s brutal, so why add another potential roadblock for teams? I’ll definitely have to look into that news more.

I think that all depends on the Gold Cup as well. If the FMF was to drop him, it would probably be best to do so after the Gold Cup. If either of those those scenarios happened, and he struggles in the Gold Cup, I wouldn’t be surprised if they fired him. Would that be the right decision? That’s arguable, but I would ideally like to see him make a run toward the World Cup.

For better or worse, I believe that Gallardo, Pineda and Burrito Hernandez will be cut. The next three after that? That’s a tough decision. Due to the wealth of wingers, I say that Damm is dropped. After that, I say it’s going to be Oribe and then Dueñas or Araujo (due to either Dueñas’ personal situation or Araujo’s injury).

I think that extends to all Mexicans. Everyone in my family has some sort of weird, crazy and/or creative nickname. I was either flaco or Cesarin cara de calcetin haha. Need to find a Latinx linguist who can help us out here with finding the origins of our love of nicknames.

Let’s see how they do today, but there does appear to be some gradual progress under Bruce Arena. You can’t ignore that incredible 6-0 win over Honduras last month either. I don’t think Bruce is a long-term solution, but he is a decent managerial option to carry the team through qualifying.

As for next week, I’m thinking this is going to be a narrow win for Mexico or a 0-0 draw. I’ll go with a 1-0 victory for El Tri after a late goal from Vela.

Even though he seems to trust Herrera, Osorio’s inevitable rotations will eventually bench the Porto midfielder. I mentioned this in the video, but I wouldn’t be surprised if HH loses his starting role during the Confederations Cup. Mexico has far too many options in the midfield that could take over his place in the roster.

I’m no nutritionist or trainer, but I feel like bulking up might sacrifice some of that speed that makes our attack so exciting. Also, I do think that some names like Araujo, Molina, Moreno and Salcedo are quite strong and can hold their own against more physical teams.

Somebody is looking for some free promotion! Haha. Love what you guys do over at Point To The Spot!

*Cesar looks around and whispers* actually my favorite non-Liga MX focused podcast is The Football Ramble.

Yes, yes, yes, yes. We got this Amy. #TeamBrokenSpanish is going to dominate the FMN 2v2 tournament.

Warriors, right? If Game 1 was any sign of some weakness for Cavs, that should have been it.

@cesarhfutbol is a proud Mexican-American who somehow stumbled into soccer writing. Once an aspiring social worker, Hernandez now spends his time watching/arguing about soccer and hanging out with his cat, DJ Cuddles. Hernandez continues to use a childish Simpsons wallet and he’s still not sure if it’s embarrassing or not.

Also, I don’t deserve my own wikipedia page haha. Maybe one day…

With JCO, that’s going to be impossible to predict! I have my ideal starting XI, which I outlined in the video preview, but who knows what Osorio will do for any of the upcoming matches. One thing is for sure, though, he will continue to use his rotations.

He still serves a purpose, for now. I highly doubt he will get minutes, and wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t brought to the Confederations Cup, but he’s a decent and strong striker that is a fantastic Liga MX player.

I don’t think so, it could happen, but all signs point to two entirely different rosters for the Confed Cup and the Gold Cup.

Mexgers? RangTri? Man, both of those are awful. I need someone to help me out here with a much better name.



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