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#AskCesar: Mexico vs Honduras recap, Mexico vs USA predictions and more questions than expected about music

Questions! Answers!

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the preview video, you can watch it here. If you’ve already done that, let’s get this week’s #AskCesar started!

Favorite of all-time: Jorge Campos
Favorite at the moment: David de Gea
Favorite in Liga MX: Tiago Volpi

I think so. I’ve made the case that Guardado or Jonathan would do an excellent job in that DM role. Also, as much as I think Herrera should spend more time on the bench, he was near-perfect in that DM role yesterday.

It all depends on the opponent as well. If Osorio is looking for a player who is better at winning the ball in the air, that’s when Rafa or Reyes might be better suited to start.

I think a bigger political mistake is currently hanging out in the White House. Or in Mar-a-Lago.

I feel like such a terrible Latinx/Mexican-American because I don’t really listen to Morrissey. Give me an album recommendation and I’ll listen to it today.

This came out in late 2016, but I can’t stop listening to Jeff Rosentock’s Worry. Probably my favorite album from last year. This year, my favorite is Thundercat’s Drunk. Love that one, it’s constantly playing in the background of my apartment.

Has Gift done anything recently? Need to look that up. If we are talking about favorite albums, one of my fav hip-hop albums of all-time is his work in Blazing Arrow.

I believe this has more to do with Mexico’s current generation of players that not only works well together, but also has plenty of depth. It’s going to be exciting to see what they can do in the Confederations Cup.

Other than the major transfers for America, Monterrey and Pachuca, the big story involved Jaguares. Due to issues with debts, the recently relegated team will not be allowed to take part in the upcoming 2017-2018 season. Will be interesting to see if the club is dissolved in the near future.

I think it’s an exciting move, especially when you consider that Cardona is now a part of the roster as well. That is, if Cardona doesn’t find a way to stop the trade.

After watching so many questionable moves and sales throughout the draft, it’s cool to see a team like Pachuca that is so well-run and always seems to know what it is doing. One of the model clubs in Mexico.

I’m definitely a big big fan of Neon Indian! Perfect music to listen to during night time drives.

I have no doubt that Pulisic will make things difficult for Mexico, but I’m still unsure of how the rest of his squad will be able to perform. Destroy is probably a stretch here. As mentioned in the preview, I’m thinking this will end in a 1-1 draw.

I think considering that it was a Thursday night game against Honduras, the turn-out wasn’t awful. Either way, it’s important to remember that Sunday’s game at the Azteca is already sold out!

Salcedo is out for sure, but could be replaced by either Dueñas or Layun. I know a couple of people have hinted at the possibility of Marquez, Layun and Guardado missing Sunday’s game, but there has yet to be anything official announced from El Tri or Osorio.

EDIT: Welp, it was just announced that Marquez, Layun and Guardado are set to miss out on Sunday’s game.

As mentioned earlier, I am a bit worried about Pulisic and wouldn’t be surprised if Mexico has a difficult time containing him. That said, Mexico has a wealth of options in the attack that can compensate for any defensive mistakes. Quick and agile names like Vela and Tecatito should be ready to make things interesting on the wings if Hernandez has a hard time finding the back of the net.

Another thing which works in Mexico’s favor is a name like Lozano who could be a massive impact player late in the game.

I would love to see Liga MX clubs return to the Copa Lib, especially when you consider that no Mexican team has won the title yet. The competition there is more fierce than that of a CCL.

For whatever reason, Osorio and his staff don’t appear fond of a right-back or left-back like Aris or Chapo. It seems like prefers a high-pressing and attack-minded defender or a strong and tall presence. Still not sure why either of them wasn’t given a chance in the recent Gold Cup list that was revealed.

I believe that he is Mexico’s best option in net, but knowing Osorio, I think Talavera might get more time than expected in goal.

Moreno and Layun were both carrying yellows into the game against Honduras, meaning that if they earned one yesterday, they would have been suspended for the match against the United States. As for Chicharito, I believe Osorio was resting him (and a few other starters) before the weekend.



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