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Mexico Gains Three Points After Haiti Withdraws From Games

The scheduled match between Mexico Women’s National Team and Haiti on Sunday has been cancelled following Haiti’s withdrawal from the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games.

Haiti withdrew from the games after several of their players were unable to make it to Barranquilla, Colombia on time due to facing visa issues while in the Dominican Republic.

The Mexican federation announced El Tri gets an automatic 3-0 victory for the match and earns an additional three points, leaving them with six points and eight goals in the group stage so far.

The team opted to have an intense training Sunday after to replace the scheduled match where head coach Roberto Medina spoke on the cancelled match. “In a way, it benefits us because now we have more days to recover before our next game and it gives us more time to correct the mistakes from the last match.” Medina also stressed the ability for injured players, like Monica Ocampo, to get additional time to rest after she suffered a strong hit to the instep of her left foot.

“She’s feeling much better. To walk out of the game in crutches that day and today she was able to jog and kick the ball around,” he stated. “It wasn’t an injury necessarily–just a really bad swelling. Our doctor and staff were able to work wonderfully with her and she’s been able to keep moving forward.”

Mexico’s next and final match of the group stage will be on Tuesday, July 24th against Nicaragua.



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