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Soccer Minis ™ : The newest sensation in soccer figurine collectibles arrives this year!

A new social media account has been making the waves on twitter. The account gained attention when it featured a post of a Luis ‘El Matador’ Hernandez photo next to an action figure type clay model of Hernandez. The figure looked very much like El Matador. It appeared as if @SoccerMinis was making official figurines of soccer players. We reached out to SoccerMinis and talked to the person behind the figurines: Sergio Tristan.

FMN: So, tell us… what are @SoccerMinis?

Sergio: It’s a passion project for me. @SoccerMinis are officially licensed player likeness figurine collectibles of your favorite soccer players.

FMN: So you’re making player bobbleheads?

Sergio: Kind of, these heads will not bobble but its the same idea. The figurine itself is a 10cm, about 4.5 inches, figure with a slightly larger head. The head is done by hand by our artists for the best possible resemblance to the player.

FMN: So Luis Hernandez is the first one you created.

Sergio: No, Luis is our second one. Jorge Campos was our first one; we had to give our favorite Number 1 Mexican of All time the first spot. We have him in his most popular kit. It should be a pretty cool figurine and collectible!

FMN: Campos, Matador, any one else?

Sergio: Well, those two players are our first two and the set of our first series. We really wanted to come out swinging and thought there was no better way of doing it then with some amazing legends! We will be launching our second series soon. The second series includes ten current Mexican National Team players. We expect the second series to drop in early February around the time the 2018 Russia Edition of the Mexico jersey comes out; that’s the only thing holding us back.

FMN: So far it’s all Mexican National Team players, do you plan to have club teams?

Sergio: Of course, but we wanted to launch with a the national team because it has a larger fan base and because the World Cup is coming up. However, before we get to clubs we are looking at other national teams and some women players too. It’s important to me as a father to ensure girls have heroes too. In fact, our motto is #CollectYourHeroes and there are plenty of women heroes out there in today’s modern soccer.

Tristan also stated SoccerMinis started a discounted pre-order via kickstarter on October 6th and stated SoccerMinis will have 100 specially -autographed boxes for sale in a Limited Edition Collectors series where Jorge Campos and Luis Hernandez will autograph your figurines. Delivery of these will begin early December 2017. Series 2 will begin pre-order in January for late February or early March delivery.

For everyone interested, follow the link below. Be sure to register your email to get first access to the pre-order page.





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