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Liga MX Femenil #GritaMexicoA21: Three Things – Week 4

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We’re into the fourth week of matches and this week was about reflection; both the good and the bad. Let’s get into the three things for Jornada 4.

Atlas and America face some rude awakenings. Rude might be slightly harsh given both still maintain a Top 5 spot in the standings, but the performances that both displayed during Week 4 should be a moment of reflection for two teams aiming to level up this season. Any team going up against Tigres is going to be challenged, but this Atlas side was also able to surprise Tigres last season with a 3-0 victory. There were careless mistakes by the Atlas defense and coupled with Tigres’ intense start from the get-go, Samayoa needs to cultivate his system (one that had very little signings during the preseason) to be prepared for these intense match-ups.

America on the other hand actually got the first goal in their match against Toluca but a series of defensive mistakes also came back to bite them — three times. America’s biggest downfall has always been their inconsistency but there was a positive moment to take away from this match. Dani Espinosa scored the only goal for the team but it was a goal that she desperately needed on a personal level that will ironically, create a sense of consistency for her to get back to her scoring ways.

Both teams look like strong Liguilla contestants early into the season; let’s hope these losses are just a blip in their progress.


Chivas Femenil continues to be lucky and talented. When it comes to Chivas, it’s hard not to root for a team that many thought were doomed to fail following the plethora of departures seen just two seasons ago. And in many ways, they keep playing as though they are also trying to prove to themselves and their system that they are able to work effectively against even the most unexpected challenges. Though not the only vital part of the team, Licha Cervantes showed up against Juarez with some flashy goals and is in a three-way tie for the top goalscorer in the league. Chivas possess a talented team of prospective young players and pair that up with the fortunate circumstances of saving themselves from losses or fighting for that extra goal, they should continue on their strong form moving forward.
Santos off to a strong start. In a season focusing on improvements, Santos Femenil is on the right track to be better than they ever have been. Though a bit of bad luck forced them to acquire no points in Jornada 1, two wins and a draw since then sees them in seventh place with seven points. The tenacity they showed in scoring first as the away team in Estadio Azteca the first week has remained consistent as they face off against sides more leveled to their playing style, helping them build that confidence they need to go up against top teams, especially ones they hope to face off in their first ever Liguilla.



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