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FIFA Sanctions Mexican Futbol Federation Over Goalkeeper Chant

(Photo: Twitter/miseleccionmx)

The Mexican Futbol Federation (FMF) confirmed on Thursday morning that FIFA would be sanctioning the federation over the said chant, resulting in the Mexican National Team playing their next two official matches behind closed doors and paying a fine of 1.3 million pesos ($62k USD). FMF President Yon de Luisa stated that the sanction came after the homophobic chant was detected in two Olympic qualifier matches between the Dominic Republic and the United States back in March.

The announcement also followed speculation over the recent incidents during the summer matches, particularly the friendly against Iceland that was temporarily paused for three minutes following the chant and the subsequent Nations League matches that followed.

“We have held a firm protocol since October of 2019 between the federation and our domestic league to eradicate the chant and eliminate any forms of violence or discrimination without our stadiums. We have also held campaigns and published digital content to inform and education about the impact it could have,” de Luisa stated. “”Despite these efforts, these consequences are a reality today.”

The sanctioned games would be the upcoming World Cup qualifying matches against Jamaica and Canada, both of which are home games in Mexico later this fall.

“”I think any national team that wants to do important things depends on their players, their team and the support of their fans, so I thank (the press) for being here and I invite the fans to reflect,” head coach Gerarado ‘Tata’ Martino said during the press conference. “We are deeply worried; we are deeply concerned that this is going to keep us away from each other. This can take us away from the World Cup.”

De Luisa also stated that an investigation is taking place for the match in Dallas on May 29th and that could result in further sanctions for the federation but where exactly those consequences would apply (in terms of additional World Cup qualifiers matches or elsewhere) was unclear. He also applauded the efforts taken in Atlanta on June 12th, where there were virtually no clear examples of the chant being yelled.

“City by city we have to keep working. This is a proof that, working together, we can achieve it.”



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