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Mexicanas In College – The Intro

The college system in the United States was and continues to be one of the most fertile grounds for women’s soccer in the world, and one that many Mexican and Mexican-American women take full advantage of, both before the Liga MX Femenil was created and even after. It has seen World Cup winners, National Team players for nations all over the world, and countless professional players come through the ranks. The NCAA season will start or re-start for some teams, in what has been a season like none other for college soccer. Some teams and conferences have finished playing, some started and went on hiatus, and some haven’t started yet. Some programs have unfortunately abandoned the season or disbanded entirely. Hopefully, they will return once the pandemic is over and done with.

We’ve identified 48 Mexican players or players of Mexican descent in Division 1 colleges in the United States, some of which that have already gotten national team experience and some that we believe should be watched as future national team prospects. Apologies if we’ve left anyone out unintentionally. If you know of someone we’ve missed, let us know and we’ll add them in upcoming editions.

Below are the players that attempted to have a season last year prior to the pandemic and a recap of how it went for them:

University of Alabama: Tanna Sanchez-Carreto (Freshman, U17 MWNT) and Reyna Reyes (Sophomore, U17 MWNT)

Alabama finished their season with a record of two wins, four losses, and two draws and lost in the first round of the SEC tournament 2-0 to Lousiana State University. Sanchez-Carreto played 579 minutes in eight games while Reyes played 666 minutes in eight games.

University of Missouri: Julissa Cisneros (Junior, U20 WMNT)

The University of Missouri finished with a record of three wins, two losses, and two draws and made it to the semifinal round of the SEC tournament, losing to the University of South Carolina. Cisneros played 671 minutes and contributed two goals and two assists in her nine games, including a goal against South Carolina in both their regular season and postseason meetings.

Notre Dame: Luisa Delgado (Sophomore, formerly played with the U17 WNT in 2014 to 2016)

Notre Dame finished with four wins and five losses (four wins and four losses in conference), going out in the first round of the ACC tournament against perennial powerhouse Florida State. Delgado had two assists against the University of Miami (FL) and played 393 minutes across eight appearances.

Pitt (University of Pittsburgh): Athalie Palomo (Sophomore, formerly played with the U20 WNT in 2017-2018)

Pitt finished with nine wins and five losses (three wins and five losses in conference), missing the cut for the ACC tournament. Palomo got two assists in a game against Appalachain State and wound up with 1180 minutes in 14 games.

Princeton University: Gabi Juárez (Junior, U20 WNT)

Did not have a 2020 season; athletic program and conferences cancelled season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

UC Davis: Clarissa Grajeda (Redshirt Freshman, No NT experience)

Did not have a 2020 season as their athletic programs and conferences cancelled the seasons due to the coronavirus pandemic.

UC Irvine: Destinee Manzo (Redshirt Sophomore, Olimpiada Nacional), Alex Jaquez (Junior, U20 WNT), and Scarlett Camberos (Junior, Olimpiada Nacional)

Did not have a 2020 season as their athletic programs and conferences cancelled the seasons due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This week’s college matches feature players whose universities have revamped their cancelled seasons into 2021:

Wednesday, February 3rd: 

North Florida (Andrea Sanchez) vs. Jacksonville – North Florida won 4-0

Southern Miss (Ariel Diaz) at Nicholls – Southern Miss won 2-0

University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley (Georgina Hernandez) at Texas A&M – Corpus Christi – UTRGV won 2-1

Thursday, February 4th:

Arizona State (Alexia Delgado and Nicole Soto) vs. Texas – El Paso (Bella Benavides) – ASU won 3-1

Houston Baptist (Karla Ramirez) at Houston – Houston Baptist lost 3-1

University of Southern California (Alexa Gonzalez) vs. Pepperdine – Match was cancelled due to Pepperdine not meeting the minimum player standards.

University of Texas – San Antonio (Britnney Campa)  vs. St. Mary’s (TX) – Match was cancelled

Friday, February 5th:

Chicago State (Carmen Acedo) at Marquette at 7 PM CST

Prarie View A&M (Angie Vaca) vs. Incarnate Word at 7 PM CST

Stephen F. Austin University (Claudia Loredo) vs. University of Texas – Tyler at 7 PM CST

Saturday, February 6th:

Pacific (Melani Medina) vs. Cal Baptist

Sunday, February 7th:

Loyola Marymount (Mia Villegas) vs. University of San Diego

North Texas (Kelsey Brann) vs. SMU (Celiana Torres)
UCLA (Maricarmen Reyes and Isabel Loza) vs. Pepperdine

Arizona State (Alexia Delgado and Nicole Soto) vs. New Mexico State

Texas – San Antonio (Britnney Campa) vs. Texas A&M – Corpus Christi

Houston Baptist (Karla Ramirez) at Rice

Texas – Rio Grande Valley (Georgina Hernandez) at Incarnate Word

Prarie View A&M (Angie Vaca) vs. Stephen F. Austin University (Claudia Loredo)

Tuesday, February 9th:

Pacific (Melani Medina) vs. San Francisco (Marissa Vasquez)






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