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Liga MX Femenil: Clausura 2021 Transfer Tracker

The Guard1anes 2020 season might be playing its semifinals, but other teams are already announcing their departures, with some of them even having started their preseason already. We’ll see if the number of cutoffs stays about the same or changes, compared to last season’s record breaking 100+ player departures.



Name Position Origin Move Status
Scarlett López Defender Departure Confirmed
Wendy Morales Defender Departure Confirmed
Eleisa Santos Defender Departure Confirmed
Marcela Valera Defender Departure Confirmed
Marlyn Campa Striker Departure, signed w. Pumas Confirmed
Janae González Striker Departure Confirmed
Dayana Cázares Striker Departure Confirmed
Camila Martínez Goalkeeper Youth squad Signing Confirmed
Janelly Farías Defender Chivas Signing Confirmed
Mayra Pelayo Midfielder University of Florida Signing Confirmed
Diana García Midfielder UDLAP Signing Confirmed
Arizbeth Ramos Striker Liga Mayor de Futbol Signing Confirmed
Daniela Flores Striker USA Signing Confirmed
Fernanda Piña Striker Signing Confirmed




Atlas have not reported any moves.


Atlético de San Luis

Atlético come off a season that showed some improvements under coach Rigoberto Esparza, and ended up ranked 11th, with a new record of 17 points.

Name Position Origin Move Status
Susana Cantú Goalkeeper Departure Confirmed
Aylin Hernández Defender Departure Confirmed
Dulce Hernández Striker Departure Confirmed
Stefani Jiménez Goalkeeper FC Juárez Signing Confirmed
Brenda García Defender Cruz Azul Signing Confirmed
Deheny Rodríguez Defender Mazatlán Signing Confirmed
Itzia Tenahua Midfielder León Loan Confirmed
América Ibarra Signing Confirmed



Club Tijuana


Xolas have not made any moves official yet.


Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul’s case was an odd one, as they announced their player departures days before they confirmed their head coach was also leaving. The main surprise was Brenda García, who started in 10 games during the season. Karime Abud had initially been announced as leaving the club, but in the end stayed.

The team appointed Roberto Pérez as their head coach. Pérez has no previous experience coaching women’s teams, but had a great track record with Cruz Azul Hidalgo, the club’s third division team. Under his tenure, CA Hidalgo led the league, boasting the best attack and defense of their tournament.

Name Position Origin Move Status
Rogelio Martínez Head Coach Departure Confirmed
Brenda García Defender Departure Confirmed
Jessica Tenorio Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Fátima Alonso Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Guillermina Martínez Defender Departure Confirmed
Roberto Pérez Head Coach Cruz Azul Hidalgo

(men’s third division)

Signing Confirmed




FC Juárez

After finishing the season ranked 17 out of 18 teams, Juárez announced the departure of head coach Gabino Amparán after two seasons leading the team. So far 3 players have been also cut from the team, including midfielder Selena Castillo, who had 13 starts and 2 goals this season, and Alexa Frías, a former champion with Rayadas who also had 13 starts.

Juárez announced Ana Cristina González as their new head coach. González has previous experience coaching at Chivas San Rafael, Universidad Panamericana, and was Eva Espejo’s assistant coach at Pachuca.


Name Position Origin Move Status
Gabino Amparán Head Coach Departure Confirmed
Stefani Jiménez Goalkeeper Departure, signed with Atlético de SL Confirmed
Selena Castillo Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Adriana Calderón Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Verónica Pérez Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Karen Fileto Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Karen Lara Midfielder Departure Confirmed
María Magaña Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Angélica González Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Cintya Jiménez Defender Departure Confirmed
Alexia Frías Defender Departure Confirmed
Ana Cristina González Head Coach Signing Confirmed
Gabriela Álvarez Defender Pumas Signing Confirmed
Daniela Auza Midfielder Querétaro Signing Confirmed
Miah Zuazua Striker Tigres Signing Confirmed



Gallos Blancos de Querétaro


Name Position Origin Move Status
Natalia Melgoza Defender Departure Confirmed
Daniela Auza Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Daniela Vidal Defender Departure Confirmed
Daniela Alcántar Defender Transferable Confirmed
Fátima Delgado Defender Signing Confirmed
Valeria Castellanos Midfielder Signing Confirmed
Daniela Sánchez Striker Pumas Signing Confirmed
Brenda Viramontes Striker León Signing Confirmed



Guadalajara (Chivas)

After announcing last season that they would not cut any players from the roster, as a measure to protect them amid the uncertainty of the pandemic, it was somewhat expected that Chivas would push all their departures to the winter transfer window. It was just a matter of who would leave. Daniela Pulido, Samara Alcalá, Gabriela Huerta, María Fernanda Ayala, Priscila Padilla, and Lupita Velázquez were never quite able to consolidate themselves with the team, or where starters during the first few seasons that were not able to keep up.

The biggest surprise came in the announcements of Janelly Farías leaving the team, and Andrea Sánchez being listed as transferable. Farías made history as Chivas’ first dual national, but was unable to play this season after getting shoulder surgery. Andrea Sánchez was one of the remaining players who had been with the team since the Copa tournament, as well as the title run. A national-team level left back, Sánchez had revealed her relationship with the team was on a bad spot after posting on her social media that she had not even been called up to the return leg of the quarterfinals (which Chivas lost to América), and that she didn’t know the reasons why. María Sánchez, Norma Palafox, and Nicole Pérez have also left the team, with Palafox announcing she’ll join Pachuca once she finishes her 2nd stint at Exatlón.


Name Position Origin Move Status
Daniela Pulido Defender Departure Confirmed
Janelly Farías Defender Departure, Signed with America Confirmed
Samara Alcalá Defender Departure Confirmed
Gabriela Huerta Striker Departure Confirmed
Lupita Velázquez Striker Departure Confirmed
María Sánchez Striker Departure Confirmed
Nicole Pérez Midfielder Departure, Signed with Rayadas Confirmed
Norma Palafox Striker Departure, signed with Pachuca Confirmed
Priscila Padilla Defender Transferable Confirmed
Andrea Sánchez Defender Transferable, signed with Rayadas Confirmed
Gabriela Valenzuela Striker Amadas FC Signing Confirmed
Karol Bernal Defender Rayadas Signing Confirmed
Cinthya Rodríguez Midfielder Youth squad Signing Confirmed





León had a disappointing season, as the signings of Lucero Cuevas, Esmeralda Verdugo, and Brenda Viramontes raised expectations on the team. Poor results led to Everaldo Begines being fired on September, and León finished the season ranked 13th.

The club has announced Scarlett Anaya, who is a former player with experience as an operative assistant for the Mexican National Team, as well as working as an analyst and scout for Chivas and Atlas. Having a person with experience on different aspects of the game besides coaching could be a great boost for a team like León, who have not appointed a sporting director yet.

Name Position Origin Move Status

Salvador Bravo


Head Coach


(was appointed as interim)

Itzia Tenahua Midfielder Departure (signed with Atlético de SL) Confirmed
Brenda Viramontes Striker Departure Confirmed
Vanessa Sánchez Defender Departure Confirmed
Scarlett Anaya Head Coach Signing Confirmed
Ana Karen Llamas Defender Signing Confirmed
Karen Hernández Midfielder Youth squad Signing Confirmed
Carolina Hernández Midfielder Youth squad Signing Confirmed
Dariana Rubio Striker Necaxa Return from loan Confirmed
Natalia Penagos Striker Youth squad Signing Confirmed




Newcomers Mazatlán delivered a good season, ending up in 10th place and just 3 points away from a liguilla spot.

Name Position Origin Move Status
Irma Valencia Goalkeeper Departure Confirmed
Deheny Rodríguez Defender Departure Confirmed
Linda Valdez Defender Departure Confirmed
Jocelyn Flores Striker Departure Confirmed
Wendy Gallardo Goalkeeper Signing Confirmed
Camila Calvillo Defender Signing Confirmed
Kenya Téllez Midfielder Toluca Signing Confirmed
Leslie Ríos Midfielder Signing Confirmed
Janae González Striker América Signing Confirmed





Name Position Origin Move Status
Eva Solís Defender Departure Confirmed
Dariana Rubio Striker Loan expired, returned to León Confirmed
Doris Meza Goalkeeper Departure Confirmed
Edna Antonio Defender Departure Confirmed
Claudia Sánchez Defender Departure Confirmed





Despite qualifying to Liguilla, this was a subpar season for Pachuca, though it must also be said circumstances were at times against them (at the end of the regular season, all of their goalkeepers got covid and had to use field players to cover the position). Front office took notice and delivered the first big signing of the preseason: María Antonia “Toña” Is, who coached Spain’s u-17 women’s team to World Cup and Europe titles, will take over the team. Eva Espejo, who led the team since the pre-league Copa tournament, will now move to sporting director, stepping into a new role in the women’s team structure. It seems like exciting things are ahead for the team.



Name Position Origin Move Status
Eva Espejo Head Coach Departure, becomes sporting



María Antonia “Toña” Is Head Coach Spain Signing Confirmed
Gloria Narváez Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Norma Palafox Striker Chivas Signing Confirmed
Anisa Guajardo Striker Pumas Signing Confirmed
Esthefanny Barreras Goalkeeper University of West Florida Signing Confirmed





Name Position Origin Move Status
Zoe Tapia Striker Departure Confirmed
Nadia López Goalkeeper Departure Confirmed
Karla Vargas Defender Departure Confirmed
Rocío Torres Goalkeeper Departure Confirmed
Alejandra Guerrero Midfielder Leonas Blancas


Signing Confirmed
Dayana Cázares Midfielder América Signing Confirmed
Jacquelyn Kosegarten Midfielder Saint Leo University Signing Confirmed
Siena Ruelas Goalkeeper Washington University Signing Confirmed
Mariana Ramos Striker Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora Signing Confirmed





Name Position Origin Move Status
Lucía Rodríguez Defender Loan ended, returns to Pumas Confirmed
Karol Bernal Defender Departure, signed with Chivas Confirmed
Dinora Garza Striker Departure, signed with Pumas Confirmed
Tanya Samarzich Striker Departure Confirmed
Nicole Pérez Midfielder Chivas Signing Confirmed
Andrea Sánchez Defender Chivas Signing Confirmed





Name Position Origin Move Status
Carolina Sánchez Goalkeeper Departure Confirmed
Linda Frías Midfielder Alianza Women Signing Confirmed





Name Position Origin Move Status
Miah Zuazua Striker Departure, signed with FC Juárez Confirmed
María Sánchez Striker Chivas Signing Confirmed





An underwhelming season for Toluca, who are a team that has plenty of young talent (they fielded 11 youth players this season, accumulating 6579 minutes, the most of all teams). No coaching changes have been announced yet.

Name Position Origin Move Status
Alondra Tinajero Goalkeeper Departure Confirmed



Universidad Nacional (Pumas)



Name Position Origin Move Status
Gabriela Álvarez Defender Departure Confirmed
Anisa Guajardo Striker Departure Confirmed
Dinora Garza Midfielder Rayadas Signing Confirmed
Marlyn Campa Striker América Signing Confirmed
Ana Campa Defender University of the Incarnate Word Signing Confirmed
Marilyn Díaz Defender Cruz Azul Signing Confirmed
Lucía Rodríguez Defender Rayadas Return from loan Confirmed



Team Departures Signings Loans expired Loans received
América 7 7
Atlético de San Luis 3 4 1
Cruz Azul 4
FC Juárez 10 3
Gallos Querétaro 4 4
Guadalajara 10 3
León 3 5
Mazatlán 4 5
Necaxa 4 1
Pachuca 1 3
Puebla 4 5
Rayadas 3 2 1
Santos 1 1
Tigres 1 1  
Toluca 1    
Pumas 2 5
Total 62 48 2 1



Teams that have changed coaches:

  • Pachuca (Toña Is replaces Eva Espejo)
  • León (Scarlett Anaya replaces Salvador Bravo)
  • FC Juárez (Ana Cristina González replaces Gabino Amparán)
  • Cruz Azul (Roberto Pérez replaces Rogelio Martínez)




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