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Three things about Liga MX’s 2020 Clausura Week 2

Sometimes it’s easy to get burnt out on soccer. As someone who covers Liga MX, sometimes it’s a lot to watch nine games in a single weekend (more if you cover Femenil games as well like I do). Don’t misunderstand. I love it and am thankful that I get to share the joy I get from watching Liga MX with those of you who read my work, but it can be a lot and I can often times lose sight of the fact that these games are fun. This weekend was a good reminder for me – and hopefully you too – that soccer is fun and Liga MX is the most fun.

1.) Juárez and Pumas scored eight goals – It was a cold and rainy Thursday night in Ciudad Juárez, and defense was apparently optional as Juárez and Pumas played to a wild 4-4 draw. While I’m sure both goalkeepers and managers want to put this one past them as quickly as possible, this is the sort of game that gets people hooked on Liga MX. It was unpredictable, full of goals, and just a fun game to watch if you enjoy the chaos.

2.) Santos is back – This was a fun game that saw two very good teams go head to head. After an uninspired performance against Xolos in Week 1, Santos returned home where they lost exactly one regular season game in all of 2019. Going into the half against León, they looked as uninspired as they had the week before in Baja California. Coming out into the second half however, Santos was buzzing and was able to pull out a thrilling 3-2 win. They got a standout performance from recently re-signed Brian Lozano that earned him Liga MX Player of the Week honors.

The refereeing of this match deserves some scrutiny, as there were several calls that looked overly harsh and others that were missed, leaving both teams in a place where they could feel like they were hard done by the decisions that were made. There were a couple instances in particular where a decision was made on the field and when the opportunity to review it was presented it was not taken, which further added to the ire of both sets of fans.

I’m not going to trash the referee or question his decisions. I felt in the end things evened themselves out and the result was a fair one. I would however hope that the referee and the league look at the tape of the game to see where mistakes were made and improvements could be made.

3.) The dog that ran onto the pitch during the Atlético San Luis match – In the spirit of soccer being fun, nothing better exemplified that fact than what transpired during the San Luis-Cruz Azul match. At around the 26th minute of play, a dog ran onto the pitch and was carried off by San Luis player as she admired his fact. It was absolutely adorable until San Luis posted after the match that their new friend had actually gone missing. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending and on Monday morning, San Luis released a player-announcement-like video informing the world that the dog, now named Tunita, had been found and would be the newest addition to their squad.  D’awwwwww.



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