Liga MX Femenil

Liga MX Femenil Clausura 2020: Preseason Moves & Rumor Tracker

We’re about one week away from the sixth edition of the Liga MX Femenil to take place for its 2020 Clausura season and there seems to be more moves than ever. In collaboration with Amelia Lopez and our newest FutMexNation contributor, Melissa Hernandez, we’ll bring you the most up to date information of which femenil players are heading to which teams, what the latest rumors are and how it all impacts the upcoming season.


Rayadas (finished 1st during regular season, current champions)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Alexia Frías Defender Monterrey Departure, signed to FC Juárez Confirmed
Selena Castillo Midfielder Monterrey Departure, signed to FC Juárez Confirmed
Vanessa López Defender Monterrey Departure, signed to Xolos Confirmed
Balbina Treviño Goalkeeper Necaxa Signing Confirmed


Amelia: There is always something significant about a winning team wanting to polish their roster to make themselves more competitive but I find the departure of Selena Castillo quite surprising. She provided that necessary depth from the bench that allowed Rayadas to switch off players with ease not to mention provided an important goal during the Clausura 2019 season. Still, having a player like her head off to FC Juarez makes for a more competitive league. Not sure what Trevino joining the team will mean for Lozoya given the incredible performance she had in the final but only time will tell.


Tigres (finished 2nd during regular season, runners-up to Rayadas)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Bianca Sierra Defender Thór/Ka Signing Confirmed
Stephany Mayor Midfielder Thór/Ka Signing Confirmed
Brenda Viramontes Striker Chivas Signing Confirmed
Karla Zozaya Goalkeeper Tigres youth team Signing Confirmed
Yenifer García Tigres youth team Signing Confirmed
Yazmín Murillo Midfielder Tigres youth team Signing Confirmed
Melissa Ramos Defender Departure Confirmed
Anjuli Ladrón Goalkeeper Departure Confirmed
Evelyn González Striker Departure, signed to Chivas Confirmed
Stefani Jiménez Goalkeeper Departure, loaned to FC Juárez Confirmed

Amelia: I think what is happening at Tigres this preseason is probably the best example of the league evolving into the next stage of what it should be. Since late into last season, we have heard the rumors of Houston Dash wanting either Jacqueline Ovalle or a combo deal of her and fellow teammate Katty Abad, signaling the beginnings of other leagues realizing the value of traveling across the border for quality players (also, quick plug to Sandra Herrera for her great article about this very topic for The Equalizer). But it’s not just the teams in the NWSL that are realizing the impact this league can have for them, but Mexican players themselves realizing what the league can do for them. National team players Bianca Sierra and Stephany Mayor coming over here is a huge deal, probably as huge as when Renae Cuellar joined the league though with slightly less impact on the pitch. Anybody who knows this teams knows how incredibly stacked the squad is and having players like Sierra and Mayor as options off the bench only go to show how talented the team is. However, if Ovalle and Abad both do in fact leave, the acquisition of former Chivas player Brenda Viramontes and Mayor could bode well give both players experience and natural sense of leadership. Either way, Tigres is making itself the gatekeeper on how and what the league is capable of doing.


Pachuca (finished 3rd during regular season, lost in semifinals to Tigres)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Jhannett Hernández Goalkeeper Departure Confirmed
Dulce Valente Defender Departure Confirmed
Natalia Melgoza Defender Departure Confirmed
Mariana Rodríguez Midfielder Departure Confirmed



América (finished 4th during regular season, lost in semifinals vs Rayadas)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Claudia Cid Defender Departure Confirmed
Dafne Garibay Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Kimberly Reséndiz Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Vannya García Striker Departure Confirmed
Vyaney Zorrilla Striker Departure Confirmed
Alondra González Defender Departure to Exatlon Confirmed
Citlali Hernández Midfielder Departure, signed to Atlético SL Confirmed
Esmeralda Verdugo Midfielder Loaned to Xolos Confirmed
Lucero Cuevas Striker Loaned to Xolos Confirmed
Casandra Cuevas Midfielder Xolos Return from loan to Xolos Confirmed
Renata Huerta América youth team Signing Confirmed
Deborah Romero Defender Toluca Signing Confirmed
Karen Maprigat Midfielder Xolos Signing Confirmed
Nataly Avila Midfielder Pumas Signing Confirmed
Reyna Velázquez Midfielder Cruz Azul Signing Confirmed
Janae González Striker UC Davis Signing Confirmed


Amelia: The biggest and most revealing news for América this upcoming season is loaning out Lucero Cuevas to Xolos. Her relationship with head coach Leonardo Cuellar definitely kept her off the starting XI roster numerous times last season and rumors about an uneasy locker room involving several players (not just Cuevas) must’ve made the loan to Tijuana that much easier. Still, an América without Lucero Cuevas might not have the same feeling anymore. Casandra Cuevas returning can help support the midfield along Mexican-American Jennifer Munoz and with the addition of another dual-national, Janae Gonzalez, could give the Aguilas some potential but without a real household name, could also mean they struggle to find effective leadership to bring them all together.

Chivas (finished 5th during regular season, lost in quarterfinals vs América)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Esmeralda Zamarrón Defender Departure, signed with Santos Confirmed
Vanessa Sánchez Defender Departure, signed with León Confirmed
Yazmín Álvarez Midfielder Departure, signed with León Confirmed
Brenda Viramontes Striker Departure,signed with Tigres Confirmed
Itzia Tenahua Striker Departure, signed with León Confirmed
Melissa Sosa Defender Departure, loan to FC Juárez Confirmed
Karen Loya Defender FC Juárez Loan Confirmed
Isabella Gutiérrez Midfielder Chivas youth team Raised to senior squad Confirmed
Norma Palafox Striker Exatlón/Chivas Return/Signing Confirmed
María Sánchez Midfielder Chicago Red Stars Signing Confirmed
Evelyn González Striker Tigres Signing Confirmed


Melissa: Chivas signing María Sánchez from Chicago Red Stars was one of the biggest headlines across the league during preseason. Norma Palafox’s return after her stint in Exatlon also brought attention, with the relationship between Chivas and The Marketing Jersey agency (who represent Sánchez, Palafox and Janelly Farías, the team’s first dual national) an interesting element to keep an eye on. Karen Loya, Evelyn González and home-grown talent Isabella Gutiérrez round off a more offensive-minded transfer window, as the team looks to build upon an improved season performance that ended in disappointment with Chivas unable to score in either leg of their quarterfinal defeat against América.


Toluca (finished 6th during regular season, lost in quarterfinals vs Pachuca)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Adriana León Defender Departure Confirmed
Ivón Franco Defender Departure Confirmed
Ingrid Hidalgo Forward Departure Confirmed
Layla García Forward Departure Confirmed
Claudia Ríos Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Rosany Covarrubias Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Andrea Serratos Defender UDLAP Signing Confirmed
Karla Estala Defender Veracruz Signing Confirmed
Karla Martínez Defender Santos Signing Confirmed
Artleth González Toluca youth team Signing Confirmed
Daniela Ramos Toluca youth team Signing Confirmed
María Fernanda Tarango Goalkeeper Cruz Azul Signing Confirmed
Fernanda Sánchez Midfielder Signing Confirmed
Mariana Larios Midfielder Pachuca Signing Confirmed
Magaly Cortés Striker Veracruz Signing Confirmed


Melissa: Toluca announced new coach Agustín Contreras earlier this month, and their 9 signings tie them with FC Juárez as the teams bringing in the most players as they look to improve last season’s quarterfinal finish. They’re also one of the teams that consistently adds up the most U-18 minutes, and have continued that trend by adding two players from their youth squad.


Xolos (finished 7th during regular season, lost in quarterfinals vs Tigres)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Casandra Cuevas Midfielder Departure, loan from América ended Confirmed
Karen Maprigat Midfielder Departure, signed with América Confirmed
Esmeralda Verdugo Midfielder América Loan Confirmed
Lucero Cuevas Striker América Loan Confirmed
Valeria Barajas Striker Signing Confirmed
Monserrat González Goalkeeper Monarcas Signing Confirmed
Vanessa López Defender Rayadas Signing Confirmed

Amelia: I mentioned a few paragraphs ago what a loss it was for América which can only inversely mean that the addition of Lucero Cuevas to Xolos Femenil is an absolute get. Xolos had an impressive run last season, qualifying for the playoffs for the first time since the league started and the inclusion of Mexican-American Renae Cuellar with her twelve goals showed the massive potential the team could have going into this Clausura. There’s still more work to be done to the starting roster for Xolos Femenil but an attacking front with Cuellar and Cuevas (who had 44 total goals for América in the two years she was there), you can expect a dangerous offensive side with more options this season.


Atlas (finished 8th during regular season, lost in quarterfinals vs Rayadas)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Noralí Armenta Striker Departure Unofficial
Leidy Ramos Defender Departure Unofficial
Paola Aranda Defender Departure Unofficial
Natalia Duarte Midfielder Departure Unofficial
Valentina de la Mora Defender Atlas youth team Signing Confirmed
Alexa Curiel Midfielder Atlas youth team Signing Confirmed
Paola García Striker Atlas youth team Signing Confirmed


Monarcas (finished 9th during regular season)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Monserrat González Goalkeeper Departure, signed with Xolos Confirmed
Fernanda Ayala Goalkeeper Veracruz Signing Confirmed
Lucero Lara Defender ASU Signing Confirmed
Liliana Hernández Striker Veracruz Signing Confirmed


Melissa: Monarcas had a very good season that almost saw them making it to Liguilla. They have retained all of their key players and brought in defensive backup, including their first dual national, Mexican-American player Lucero Lara, as they try to make a run for their first-ever top 8 finish.



Cruz Azul (finished 10th during regular season)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Andrea Contreras Defender Departure Confirmed
Karen Mejía Defender Departure Confirmed
Mabel Ramos Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Scarlet Andonaegui Midfielder Departure Confirmed
María Fernanda Tarango Goalkeeper Departure, signed with Toluca Confirmed
Cinthia Huerta Unregistered/Xolos Signing Confirmed
Susana Romero Signing Confirmed
Marylin Díaz Defender América/Mexican army Signing Confirmed
Monique Burgess Defender Veracruz Signing Confirmed
Wendy Gallardo Goalkeeper Necaxa Signing Confirmed
Rebeca Villuendas Midfielder Querétaro Signing Confirmed


Melissa: Cruz Azul retained their core team, and added some interesting players like Monique Burgess and Marylin Díaz, who paused her career after a championship with América to join the Mexican army in order to pursue a college degree there, as well as being part of the army’s futbol team. Last season was Cruz Azul’s best one to date, as they almost qualified to Liguilla after a strong start that included wins on their first 4 matches, and they could be a contender for a top 8 finish.


León (finished 11th during regular season)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Karla Torres Defender Departure Confirmed
Valeria Pérez Defender Loan to Necaxa Confirmed
Dariana Rubio Striker Loan to Necaxa Confirmed
Valeria Lagunes Midfielder Veracruz Signing Confirmed
Yazmín Álvarez Defender Chivas Signing Confirmed
Sandra Camacho Defender León u-17 Signing Confirmed
Itzia Tenahua Midfielder Chivas Signing Confirmed
Judith Félix Midfielder León u-17 Signing Confirmed
Claudia Cid Defender América Signing Confirmed
Vanessa Sánchez Defender Chivas Signing Confirmed
Guadalupe Vázquez Selección Altos de Jalisco Signing Confirmed


Puebla (finished 12th during regular season)


Player Position Origin Move Status
María Isabel Flores Striker Departure Confirmed
María José Parada Departure Confirmed
Jaqueline García Defender Departure Confirmed
Danna Paola Aranda Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Regina Martínez Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Carmen Taboada Midfielder Return after ACL tear Confirmed
Barbhra Figueroa Striker Scouting Signing Confirmed
Karla Vargas Defender Scouting Signing Confirmed
Citlali Valencia Defender Veracruz Signing Confirmed
Guadalupe Worbis Striker Signing Confirmed


Melissa: Guadalupe “Lupita” Worbis is the biggest surprise from Puebla, as the 36-year old striker came out of retirement to join las Franjitas. The former Mexican national team player (she accumulated 115 caps, including Olympics and World Cup) will surely bring lots of experience to the roster with the youngest age average on the league.


Querétaro (finished 13th during regular season)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Rebeca Villuendas Midfielder Departure, signed with Cruz Azul Confirmed
Adriana Calderón Midfielder Departure, signed with Juárez Confirmed
Fernanda Rosales Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Andrea Salinas Midfielder Departure Confirmed
Paulina Romero Goalkeeper Departure Confirmed
Fátima Bracamonte Striker Departure Confirmed
Dolores Ochoa Signing Confirmed
Paloma Velázquez Defender Veracruz Signing Confirmed
Alexandra Ynurreta Defender Signing Confirmed
Natalia Melgoza Defender Pachuca Signing Confirmed
Mabel Ramos Midfielder Cruz Azul Signing Confirmed
Dulce Valente Defender Pachuca Signing Confirmed
Leidy Ramos Striker Atlas Signing Confirmed



Pumas (finished 14th during regular season)


Melissa: Pumas chose to make no moves on their roster, and while Ileana Dávila continues as head coach, they’ve reportedly changed the rest of their coaching staff.


Santos (finished 16th during regular season)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Karla Martínez Defender Departure, signed to Toluca Confirmed
Leticia Vázquez Striker Departure Confirmed
Mayela Reyes Defender Departure Confirmed
Esmeralda Zamarrón Defender Chivas Signing Confirmed
Estefanía Osorio Defender Veracruz Signing Confirmed


Melissa: With only two signings confirmed so far, looks like the biggest shuffle for Santos will come at the bench, with the club announcing at the end of November that they would change their full coaching staff, with Martín Pérez taking over Jorge Macías.


Atlético de San Luis (finished 17th during regular season)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Kenya García Defender Veracruz Signing Confirmed
Kimberly Reséndiz Midfielder América Signing Confirmed
Citlali Hernández Midfielder América Signing Confirmed


Melissa: Atlético de San Luis announced a change of coach after they had already signed their new players, so only time will tell if they can make it work and turn in a better season than their first. While numbers decreased as the season went along, they had the second best attendance in the league, so Estadio Alfonso Lastras could be a hard place for their rivals to visit if San Luis can bring fans back in with some good performances.


FC Juárez (finished 18th during regular season)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Melissa Sosa Defender Chivas Loan Confirmed
Alejandra Sorchini Defender Exatlón/Atlas Signing Confirmed
Emili Bautista Defender Necaxa Signing Confirmed
Alexandra Aguilar Midfielder Signing Confirmed
Atzimba Casas Striker Signing Confirmed
Adriana Calderón Querétaro Signing Confirmed
Alexia Frías Defender Monterrey Signing Confirmed
Selena Castillo Midfielder Monterrey Signing Confirmed
Stefani Jiménez Goalkeeper Tigres Loan Confirmed



Necaxa (finished 19th during regular season)


Player Position Origin Move Status
Valeria Pérez Defender León Loan Confirmed
Dariana Rubio Striker León Loan Confirmed
Balbina Treviño Goalkeeper Departure, signed with Rayadas Confirmed
Arena López Defender Departure Confirmed
Emili Bautista Defender Departure, signed to Juárez Confirmed


Melissa: Necaxa come in from another rough season with only 2 loans. It’s going to be an uphill battle to leave the lower part of the table, but the biggest win for them could come from outside the pitch if front office makes good on their promise to improve player conditions after the team was stranded on the highway and was on the brink of not making it to their match.



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