Takeaways from Liga MX Femenil’s Week 13

It’s Week 13 of the Liga MX Femenil and while this may be late into the season, the league is definitely worth talking about. So, with that in mind, welcome to a weekly post revolving around the lovely women taking Mexico by storm with the excitement of the league and the big highlights for me about the current season.

1. Xolos Femenil are sitting strong in a playoff position. It has been talked about continuously but it is worth stating once again how great Xolos Femenil have been doing this season now that dual nationals are allowed in the league. A team that was left with not many options when the league first started now has been able to construct the group of players it has always wanted and the 2-1 victory against Toluca with goals from Jocelyn Orejel and Yadira Toraya further confirmed that. Xolos Femenil now has four wins in their last five matches and with other key players like Renae Cuellar up top and Itzel Gonzalez in goal, seventh place Xolos will be a team worth practicing a little extra harder to face off against in the Liguilla.

2. Chivas Femenil are peaking at the right time. This might be hard to think about after Monday given the team tied against Veracruz 1-1 but that should not take away from all the work the team has done to really bring themselves back to serious form this Apertura. After failing to make the playoffs last season, Chivas turned things around both with calm control and some flashy plays from the likes of midfielders Nicole Perez and Tania Morales. The current fourth place team has made their way to that standings’ position with strong performances against Tigres and America and while this match against Veracruz left a lot to be desired, the team is still undefeated in their last five matches and their depth in goal scorers will only continue to help them going forward. Sitting only behind Monterrey, Pachua and Tigres, it would not be ridiculous to think Chivas is capable of winning the league.
3. Amèrica Femenil are back to being okay. Unlike the first two teams talked about earlier who have found their form and are using it to their favor, Amèrica Femenil have been in a perpetual state of reorganization all season. The locker room rumors might strongly influence the up and down performance on the field seen throughout the season but for now, the team’s last two games — especially Monday’s 2-1 victory over second place Pachuca — have shown both the talent and potential Las Aguilas possess despite the external factors. Lucero Cuevas’ absence continues to leave speculation but it has also helped Daniela Espinosa be the key offensive player up top, scoring her seventh goal of the season against Pachuca. The team currently sits in sixth and with their next match against last place Necaxa, Amèrica can continue moving in the right direction.



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