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#AskCesar: Mexico’s call-up, Champions League and the new FIFA.

After a week off while Marco Fabian took charge, #AskCesar is back! If you wan’t to join next week’s article, just send me your questions on Twitter every Thursday. I select three questions for a video preview and then answer the rest right here.

Let’s see what we have this week!

I was really hoping to see some back-up names on the roster (like Pizarro), but it seems as if Osorio decided to bring up his favorite options. More than likely, most of the players on the current roster will be heading to the World Cup, which isn’t the best news for Pizarro.

He still has time to make a case for himself, but it’s going to be tough with the depth that Mexico currently has in the midfield and attack.

Short preseason after winning the title, an injury to Alan Pulido and some key players had no real break after taking part in the Gold Cup. Mix it all together and you get a bad start to Apertura. I think Chivas will eventually pick up their form, but the big question is if they can do it in enough time to sneak into the top eight.

It’s going to be difficult, but I believe they have the capabilities to earn a late spot in the playoffs.

Well-produced and very cool to see so many noteworthy names working together for a great cause. My only serious criticism is that they should have provided a different donor than just the Red Cross. Seems as though that group has received plenty of negativity in the recent past.

Interesting to see this TV rights battle. Telemundo/America Movil can offer some serious money, but many are saying that Televisa will ultimately win. Either way, fascinating to see how else this will unfold when you consider reports that claim that some of the dealing has been made behind closed doors.

I would love to see games streamed on Twitch and/or YouTube, but I we are probably years away from that. Can’t see that happening anytime soon.

Last-second edit: Welp, it looks like Televisa and Azteca will hold onto TV rights. Nothing is changing.

I think it would be cool to see the potential growth of certain young Mexican players (De La Rosa, Lainez, Alvarez and others). What attributes grow, where they start to excel. Cool to look at.

As for your new CM for Club America, tell Jona dos Santos to make the move to Mexico City!

We will have to wait and see, but if you believe the reports, nothing is set to change just yet. Either way, no matter what happens, it’s great to see the new offer and some serious competition.

Edit X2: No waiting and seeing. Televisa and Azteca have them. No changes.


I would have loved to see Govea on the list, but I think Osorio feels there is no need for him just yet. The midfielder is thriving in Belgium but probably needs more time before earning a call-up. That said, if he continues this incredible pace for the rest of the year, it would be ideal for Osorio to at least give him a chance before the World Cup.

Who doesn’t? I love it!

My only self-inflicting problem is that I always follow the Mexicans abroad instead of watching the bigger games. I’ll sometimes catch myself watching Benfica or Porto when I would instead be following a Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich match.

As mentioned earlier, competition is tight for Mexico but he has the capabilities and time to earn a place before Russia 2018. Like a few other backup players, I’m hoping Osorio gives him at least a call-up or two to prove their worth.



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