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#AskCesar: New faces for El Tri, recent transfers and Raul Gudiño

#AskCesar is back!

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Let’s see what he have this week!

America does have a tendency to bring in that Xolos talent. Assuming he continues to easily find the back of the net for Tijuana, I say Bou leaves the squad for a bigger team by next summer. America is probably high up on that list of clubs that he could move to.

I don’t agree with the strategy, but he seems to prefer defenders who can win aerial battles in that position. That said, he does occasionally select true fullbacks like Luis Reyes or Miguel Layun in his starting XI. Tonight, I wouldn’t be surprised if he mixed things up with three central defenders and one high-pressing left-back such as Jesus Gallardo.

Once he is available in December or January, I would see if Aviles Hurtado is interested. If Colombia hasn’t shown any interest, El Tri should seriously consider a versatile option such as Aviles in a World Cup year.

Most definitely. I would still give the start to key players like Chicharito and Hector Moreno in the final away game against Honduras, but against Trinidad & Tobago at home? That might be a good opportunity for players such as Govea, Gael, Gudiño, Pizarro and Gutierrez to show their worth. I would love to see that.

That’s a tough question because I have so many different answers here! If we are talking about favorite go-to beer, that’s probably the Fresh Squeezed IPA from Deschutes or the Habitus from Mike Hess in San Diego (big surprise, Cesar selected IPAs haha).

Favorite I’ve ever had? I don’t know. I keep thinking about this special anniversary beer from Drake’s that I had a few years back at their brewery. I’m pretty sure it was called the “Headzo” and it was mind-boggling.

It’s not ideal for certain players to prepare for the World Cup in MLS, but yeah, it’s foolish to assume that it automatically means the end of a career. With each passing year, more and more MLS players are earning call-ups to national teams. The league is also undoubtedly growing.

If you’re looking for an unpopular opinion, I think more young Mexican talent should make the trip to MLS. I’m not talking about potential Europe-bound players such as Cesar Montes or Erick Gutierrez, but more so along the lines of a Jonathan Espericueta or a Marco Bueno. One can even make the argument that a good season in MLS for Bueno or Espericeuta would help bring more attention from the national team.

Injury problems seem to have halted his development. I think he is getting better in the current season, but I’m still not sure if he will reach the same levels from two years ago. He’s turning 26 soon, so it’s not as if he is a young and promising name anymore. I think he might eventually return to El Tri, but he needs to really start stepping it up with more consistent and strong performances for Queretaro.

I don’t know, I guess it all depends on your perspective. From those who see Costa Rica as a hated CONCACAF rival, I imagine there’s plenty of resentment that a player like Navas is with Real Madrid while Guillermo Ochoa is in Belgium. However, others probably see him as an example of what a player from the CONCACAF region is able to achieve. After sticking with Levante for a few years, and eventually securing a starting role, Navas was rewarded with a move to Real Madrid.

I guess it also depends on whether you’re a Real Madrid or Barcelona fan as well.

Renato, and I’m not just saying that because he is one of my favorite back-ups on Bayern when I’m playing FIFA haha. I know he didn’t make much of an impact with Bayern in real life, but there has got to be another team near their level that would have easily had him in their starting XI. Either way, a fantastic move for Swansea City.

Are we talking about Mexican players? If so, I’m thinking Jesus Gallardo and Edson Alvarez will get a chance to shine for El Tri during the next two matches. Mexico fans definitely need to keep an eye on Alvarez, who in my opinion, was El Tri’s best player during the Gold Cup.

Would a collective decision benefit all Liga MX clubs? I’m not going to pretend that I’m an expert on tv rights, but if Liga MX is truly starting to get more attention from abroad, it seems as though it would help the balance of the league to sell tv rights as a collective. That said, I’m not sure if I would trust those in charge to support Lobos BUAP through a collective deal.

It’s a good question and one that I need to do more research on. It’s an article in itself once you start to talk about Televisa and Azteca.

It feels that way when El Tri regularly goes up against CONCACAF rivals or easy opponents in U.S.-based friendlies. It also makes sense why Mexico struggles outside of North America. It’s time for El Tri to take part in more matches outside of their comfort zone, but due to some serious SUM $$$, I don’t think that will be happening at any point soon.

My guess is that Gudiño will (maybe) get the start in first division matches when Apoel is also taking part in the Champions League during the same week. Assuming Apoel don’t make it out of the CL group stage, that probably means that Gudiño will probably only have a handful of starts. Let’s hope he is a hero during those matches.



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