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#AskCesar: Fullbacks, Liga MX changes and the recent Mexico roster announcement

#AskCesar is back!

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Let’s see what he have this week!

It might take a bit of time but I think Gibran Lajud will be that player. Excellent reflexes and diving, but he needs to work on avoiding the occasional mistake. He’s only 23 though, so those improvements will hopefully start to become more apparent in the near future.

*Cesar laughs at Jason’s clever joke and then slowly begins to realize that Torrado is actually younger than Rafa*

Salcedo is still recovering from an injury and it looks like Layun had a mutual agreement to be left off the roster. This probably means that he is either trying to fight for a starting spot with Porto, or he is trying to push for a transfer in the near future.

No true fullbacks in his roster. I don’t get it and I was really hoping to see Aguilar taking charge with the national team again. Aguilar is going to need to start playing incredibly in order to gain Osorio’s attention.

I like Jimenez and think he is a fantastic player, but at the moment, we have to keep Chicharito as the starting striker. He is doing well with West Ham and has had a great start to the season. As much as I would like Jimenez to push for a starting role with El Tri, he is currently struggling to earn regular minutes for Benfica.

Yeah, unfortunately. Out for at least a few months after a recent surgery for his back. It doesn’t look like he might return to the field until late 2017 or early 2018.

Snubbed: Paul Aguilar and at least two other full backs.
Shouldn’t be here: I’m still not convinced by Hugo Ayala. I’m also not entirely sure about Elias Hernandez, especially after the way he finished the Gold Cup.

It seems like he might be fit by the time the games roll around. If I remember correctly, somebody from the Galaxy mentioned that he might be healthy enough to play in the team’s next match. My (hopeful) guess here is that JCO sees Gio as a potential option off the bench, not a starter.

What is what? #AskCesar? I don’t know. It started off as something fun on Twitter and then it slowly developed into a weekly article for FMN. Sometimes it feels like work and I question why I do it, but then I feel oddly happy after every single article. I’m still not sure what this all is.

Reyes is healthy now but had some slight muscle problems during the start of the season. I don’t think he is at 100% just yet and isn’t a key player needed for Mexico. As for Alanis, the guy has been struggling and was recently benched by Chivas. Nothing injury-related for him.

I’m not sure if I would have called him up because of his recent injury problems, but if he is supposed to be healthy by this weekend then I still think he is a decent backup option. Although his form hasn’t been the best since his move to MLS, Gio remains as an interesting substitute player to consider for Mexico.

It looks like Oribe is injured. From what I saw, he was originally on the roster until JCO found out that he is out for around 10 days. Appears as though Elias Hernandez took his spot after the injury news.

I’ll be honest, I hit a weird point with my Mexico support over the summer. No team provides me with more highs and lows than El Tri, but I almost lost interest during one of the friendlies before the Gold Cup. I think it was the Mexico vs Paraguay match.

I of course took notes and watched the entire thing because of work, but it was just an overwhelming amount of Mexico games and coverage with the Confederations Cup happening as well. I’m definitely looking forward to the next matches though. I probably just needed a break after that week in the summer when we had the overlapping Confed Cup games and friendlies.

Hopefully. Lozano is killing it with PSV and deserves at least one start and Tecatito is getting regular minutes with Porto. It would be so much fun seeing those two take charge with their speed and dribbling.

The club identity is incredible, they’re the “team without borders.” Around 30% of the fans who go to the games are from the United States. They aren’t getting much playing time recently, but the team also has a history of utilizing U.S.-born players. They are also only one of two Liga MX clubs that share English-language content online.

As for how they actually play, we will have to wait and see if manager “Chacho” Coudet can continue to fix his problems from earlier in the season. However, there is plenty of potential with the current roster and coach.

#1 Get rid of the Liga MX “draft.” #2 Goodbye pacto de caballeros (somehow?). #3 Add in one more spot for promotion and relegation. #4 End the short tournaments and extend it to a longer 34-match season, but keep the playoffs. #5 Immediately incorporate more English-language content online. #6 Oh god there is so much that needs to be fixed

Young players that should go to Europe: Cesar Montes, Orbelin Pineda, Erick Gutierrez, Rodolfo Pizarro.

The problem with bringing in some of those new players is that most were awful during the Gold Cup against easy opponents. At the moment, I would still rather have those MLS players like Gio and Jona. Same thing for Vela once 2018 rolls around.

I want to say Jurgen Damm but I do genuinely wonder if he is actually going to leave at some point in the near future. He isn’t a young kid anymore, he’s about to turn 25 in just a few months. If not Damm, I say either Javier Aquino or Enner Valencia make their way back.

Assuming he is healthy for the qualifiers, he is a decent backup option for El Tri. I don’t think he is ready for a starting role again, but I wouldn’t be bothered to see him as a late impact player.

Not enough space in the roster for him and he was one of the most disappointing players for Mexico in the Gold Cup. It sucks because I really wanted him to do well, but he was genuinely bad for El Tri last month.

One of those questions that I genuinely don’t know the answer. I think what you’re asking is one of THE big questions to consider during the next several months. Will Osorio finally start to figure out what his best XI is? What if Mexico secures an early spot for the World Cup, does that then mean that he will only use backups during the last qualifiers? So many questions to consider…

Sadly, yes. Not the right time for him to be playing and not the right time for that situation to be tied together to the national team. I do wonder if this entire scandal might lead to his eventual retirement.

He has been average with Chivas so far this season and was underwhelming during the Gold Cup. I think many of those young guys still have plenty to prove after the summer.

Stadium looks incredible, but I’ve never been there so I’m not sure about access or pricing! I would ask @Jonyrico, he went there somewhat recently and can probably provide more details. I need to go one day.

I like JCO and I trust his process but I don’t get this. It’s bizarre and I wish he would state his reasoning for this. But yeah, as long as he is in charge, it seems like we will continue to see a serious lack of true fullbacks.

Yeah, I was definitely wrong about Aguilar. I thought he had a chance but that’s clearly not the case after the recent call-up. As for two players who won’t make the final roster (I assume you’re talking about the World Cup here), I don’t think Elias Hernandez or Hugo Ayala will be there.

I don’t watch boxing soooooo Canelo?

Tough position for them because some teams are probably interested, but they are also struggling in the current season. Also, who do they bring in? Do they necessarily have to be taking over their positions or should they go for some fullbacks or a striker? Not sure about this one but I do think that both have the potential to make a trip to Europe.

I’m usually bothered when Liga MX managers don’t get enough time but he had over year with the club. I think it was time and Nico Castillo was the only thing keeping his job afloat during the first few weeks.

I was about to say 0% but then, you know, Osorio. (I don’t know shrug emotion). Maybe it will happen in a game where JCO runs out of subs and a player like Chicharito or Jimenez is injured.

Easy answer, Hey Arnold!

Non-Mexico fans: Group H.
Mexico fans: Groups A,C,G.

Looking at Mexico’s roster, there is no reason why they shouldn’t get a win against Panama. I’ll go with a 3-1 victory for El Tri next Friday.



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