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#AskCesar: Chicharito, favorite gifs and somebody forcing me to like Arsenal

#AskCesar is back!

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Let’s see what he have this week!

It’s tough to really figure out how his season will be off just one game, but in that match, it was obvious that Chicharito needed to be very efficient with his limited opportunities. It also looked like he was left by himself at times up top. Hard to judge off one match, especially one against Manchester United, but I think we will have to wait and see before we make assumptions on how it could impact his playing with El Tri.

Not sure if this is really surprising, but I’m thinking we will see the return of Paul Aguilar in the call-up. As for other unexpected names, I think there’s a decent chance that we might see Jesus Isijara, Luis Fuentes and Javier Guemez given a call-up. I don’t think they are starting material, but it would be cool to see them train with El Tri.

I’m obviously no doctor, so I don’t really know about what it could truly mean, but it’s clearly a serious one if he is out for at least four months after his surgery. Recently, Zague also talked about the severity of a similar injury and how it had a massive negative impact in his career. Let’s wait and see until early 2018.

Anything involving Gio’s 2011 Gold Cup goal. That or the one with Blanco back in 2014 during his Puebla days when he does the hip turn. Hip turn? I’m not even sure how to properly describe it but it’s glorious.

Trump isn’t worthy of being associated with a Liga MX team. I wouldn’t dare connect a Liga MX squad to him! As for Bernie, I think he would be Pachuca or Santos Laguna. After the election, Hillary would be Cruz Azul?

As in NFL football? Sounds fun but I don’t want to get sucked into something else that would take a massive amount of my free time haha. I did join an online fantasy league for the EPL season, but I can already tell that I’ll ignore my squad in about a week or two.

Yeah, as mentioned beforehand, I think Paul Aguilar has a good chance of returning. I also think a few names like Guemez, Isijara and Fuentes should be given a try as well.

If it meant him playing with Bayer Leverkusen for another season, I would prefer the move to West Ham. He isn’t playing Champions League in either situation so why not play in a more competitive league? It might be difficult, but I’m a fan of him getting regular minutes in the EPL ahead of the World Cup.

I think so. They have the right coach and players to make it into the top eight, it might just take some time in order for it to happen. After all of the praise I heard beforehand, I’m hoping Xolos are patient with manager Eduardo Coudet. Also, after recently scoring his first goal, I’m thinking Gustavo Bou will start taking charge in the attack.

Let the record show that I have no favorite EPL team and that Amy is doing her best to get me to like Arsenal. Stop spreading lies! #FakeNews

I had such a weird route. I studied psychology at UC Santa Cruz and was planning on becoming a social worker. Up until late 2015, most of my income was from my job as a counselor at a group home for at-risk youth.

During that entire time, I was blogging on the side fairly regularly about Mexican soccer. It was all for fun because I didn’t really have anyone in Santa Cruz that liked Liga MX or El Tri as much as I did. I never intended for it to go anywhere. I wrote for small soccer websites for free until somebody from ESPN approached me back in 2014.

I was balancing out my counselor work with writing but then decided that I wanted to try soccer writing full-time. In early 2016, I decided to move to San Diego so I could cover Xolos and Liga MX matches. Since then, I haven’t looked back.

Long-story short, I don’t know how I got here haha.

Thanks for the invite, but I would make a fool of myself. I haven’t watched a full NFL game in years! Maybe I’ll try to get into it this season…

Feels like a slap in the face for Mexico, but the United States could also host the entire tournament by itself if it really wanted to. From what I’ve heard, it looked like the U.S. was going it alone until somebody from the FMF wanted to join in on the World Cup bid. So maybe with that perspective, it’s somewhat good that Mexico will be able to host a small portion of the matches? I don’t know, I’m still somewhat bothered by it.

There’s always a chance for something like that in Liga MX, but I think it’s highly unlikely. In comparison to another squad like Tigres or Monterrey, America just doesn’t have the same kind of depth in the roster. I wouldn’t be surprised if they won one of those, but I think in doing so it will take plenty of energy away from the other competition.

Overrated = Miguel Herrera
Underrated = Jose Manuel “Chepo” de la Torre

1: I’ll be joining the Hoppy Hour FC for a second season in a row. My team is terrible but I think we found a few good options to help lead us to glory. I’ll be sporting the “Bad Hombre” name on my jersey for another season as well.

2: Just followed you!



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