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#AskCesar: Rafael Marquez, transfers to MLS and young Mexican players

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Going forward, Xolos should give an opportunity to Matias Pisano while also looking at options from outside of the league. The club has until September 5th to sign and register a new player, so Xolos still have a bit of time to consider different options. If Pisano, or another name like “Quick” Mendoza or Mauricio Cuero disappoint, they should push for another foreign talent. That said, I doubt they will do it.

Didn’t really follow the tournament, but there’s clearly something special about him. I remember sending out a tweet a year or two ago about his 19 goals in 11 games for one of Pachuca’s youth squads. The big question is whether the 17-year-old will get playing time with Pachuca’s senior squad. Fans might need to be patient, but I think a team like Los Tuzos will eventually give him a chance.

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Devastating to be honest. Only allegations at the moment, but I would take any accusation from the U.S. Department of the Treasury very seriously. It’s not good for him, Mexican soccer and the Mexican national team. On the field, El Tri will be fine, but this is a dark cloud that will linger over the Mexican soccer world for quite some time. Unfortunate and saddening.

Always love to see a young Mexican player make the leap to the Eredivisie. Think that’s a perfect league to gradually help improve the standard of play. That said, Mexico has a long list of talented wingers so it might be a long time before we see him get a chance with El Tri. Who knows though, a fantastic year or two in Europe might help speed up the process.

I’m not sure. I would say yes for Gio but the situation is still up in the air for Jona and Vela. Although he signed with LAFC, Vela will still be playing with Real Sociedad for the rest of the year. As for Jona, I’m hoping his work ethic transitions over to MLS. If he can tear up the league, that might be good for confidence heading into the World Cup.

Obviously, El Tri fans would prefer for them to be in Europe, and it will be interesting to see how JCO responds to the recent moves.

Can’t help but feel that this is a strong possibility. He isn’t playing with Atlas this weekend and this current situation more than likely means that he won’t be getting a call-up for the national team. Unless if this is all somehow resolved in the near future, it might be a practical decision for the 38-year-old to unfortunately announce his retirement from the national team.

Good money, nice lifestyle, getting the chance to move to exciting cities and still being able to be a short flight away from family. The league isn’t at the same level as Liga MX, but it’s definitely getting stronger. I was hurt as a fan of El Tri to see Jona and Vela leave Europe, but I completely understand why they did it.


The attack is going to struggle. He was an excellent source of speed and pace that will be dearly missed. Xolos can still succeed without him, but it’s going to take an immense amount of work from Ignacio Malcorra and Gustavo Bou in the frontline. Another option like Pisano will also have to step up.

All rumors now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Porto let him go. There are whispers that a midfielder like Wendel might join Porto, and if that happens, selling Herrera would be a very practical move for them. Plenty of moving parts to consider but it’s all just rumors.

It was bound to happen, I think the league expected it. Other names like Chicharito and Andres Guardado will inevitably join MLS at some point as well. More money is being put into the American top flight and it’s up to Liga MX to try to adapt. The problem with Liga MX is that is has been living in its own little successful bubble for quite some time. There is a big opportunity for massive growth, but I’m not sure if the league will make the right decisions that will take advantage of its potential.

Two steps forward, one step back. Exciting to see Liga MX give a well-deserved platform for a women’s professional league, but I also don’t understand why they won’t allow Mexican-Americans. Seems detrimental to not bring in certain dual-nationals who have had a role with the national team.

I assume you’re talking about Rafa’s situation? Unaware of the actual details that could influence a decision, but as stated earlier, the fact that the U.S. Department of the Treasury brought it up probably means that it is very serious.

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We will have to wait and see what other signings they make. Difficult to make assumptions when they only have three players so far in the roster, if I remember correctly. That said, Vela easily has the talents to dominate the league. However, will he feel inspired or will he lose concentration with plenty of off-the-field distractions?

Rhetorical questions count, I think. Does this mean I still have to answer it? Should I respond with a rhetorical question? Was that a rhetorical question? Or that one?

The more I think about this, the more I start to feel a bit sad about Rafa’s situation. I’ll choose nobody?

After the 2018 World Cup, I think Ferretti has a decent chance with the national team. Miguel Herrera does as well, but I do wonder if he will want to stick around with Club America for a longer time.

What Mexican player should get an opportunity? Do you mean for September’s qualifiers? Honestly, I would like to see Jesus Isijara and “Chapo” Sanchez given a chance to at least train with El Tri. I doubt JCO is very fond of Sanchez though…

I’ve only been in San Diego since January of 2016 so I never really developed an appreciation for the team. When I think of the Chargers, I think of the empty space that could potentially be replaced by an MLS team for San Diego. I hope it eventually happens, but nothing is guaranteed just yet…



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