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Liga MX Feminil: What You Need To Know

The new Liga MX Feminil will kick off for the very first time on July 28th. But before we make the boys step aside to let the women get a chance in Mexico, let us break down everything you need to know about the league.

When was it created?

Literally this year. Technically, back in December of 2016, Liga MX CEO Enrique Bonilla announced the formation of the women’s league during a general meeting of all the Liga MX club owners (did you picture a black room with a large conference of men illuminated by white lights? Don’t worry… you’re not alone).

Which teams will take part? Who can play?

The league will consist of 16 Liga MX club teams (except Pueblas and Chiapas) that will have a U-23 roster with four possible U17 players and up to two overage players. The league is currently facing scrutiny after it was announced that only native-born Mexicans are eligible to play in the league this upcoming season. No foreigners will be allowed to play nor Mexican-American players who were born in the United States even if they have Mexican citizenship, according to Article 8 of the official league handbook.

Why is this important?

Because women are just as good as men, that’s why!

In a world that is constantly progressive to be more inclusive, this is an important step from the Liga MX. To help integrate women into an organization that has solely benefited men is crucial and provides a hopeful outlet for girls in Mexico who have never had a physical reality to attribute their football dreams to. The women’s league also sharing the same team names at the men’s will also boost the fan base more rapidly then if there was a separate league altogether. Loyal Liga MX fans will want to support men or women as long as they wear their team’s jersey. Despite the issues regarding the women that are able play, the league will help create a framework for the future of women’s soccer in Mexico. Talent will be be able to be grown right from home and help on the national level as the league progresses.

The Liga MX Femenil kicks off on Friday, July 28th with its first match between Pumas and Pachuca.



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