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#AskCesar: MLS to SD, Liga MX and buñuelos.

Questions! Answers! Potato chips?

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Good! There could be a fascinating rivalry between the two cities that would then bring more attention to Xolos. It’s not like there is a lack of talent out here either, there’s a massive youth soccer scene in San Diego that should continue to produce options for both clubs.

I’ve also talked to a couple of Xolos players who genuinely seem excited for the possibility of an MLS team.

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Would love to see them play together again, but it’s tough to think of which team that could be on, especially if those Manchester United rumors are true for Griezmann. Honestly, the best bet of them playing together is probably a few years from now in MLS.

Yes please! #DailyTacoMeetingsWithCesar

I’m very sure you do, they usually check my passport when I walk across, but I think this website might be able to provide you with some more concrete answers.

I really should know more about the French election.

That’s a great question. When you see both of them play, it’s clear that the Mexican youngsters have the capabilities to be first team players, so you would guess that they would have earned a call-up without La Volpe.

I’m thinking that Alvarez would be there, with or without the help of the manager. Lainez? Maybe not. That’s definitely a La Volpe move to give an opportunity to someone that young.

Well…you see…maybe it’s…the thing is…it’s his agent an-

*Cesar throws computer out the window*

A hybrid of the two that somehow carries Cruz Azul and Tigres to the final.

I think so. The team was in serious need of a boost in morale and earned it after the CCL final. A win this weekend against Cruz Azul, which I’m expecting to happen, should be vital in the team’s chase for a position in the top eight.

Not really. I’m such a stereotypical San Diego beer hipster that drinks ridiculously hoppy IPAs. I should probably branch out to more Hefeweizens and light beers, especially now that it’s getting warmer.

I cried during the Lava short that was shown before Inside Out a couple of years back. True story.

Wait, Chipotle is making buñuelos now?

*Cesar throws computer out the window for the second time today*

I think that all depends on whether Hirving Lozano will leave this summer. Wouldn’t be surprised if he does. Also, current big rumor is that Pachuca might be looking to boost the team’s firepower with Radamel Falcao.

I don’t know enough about Coudet’s short managerial career, but people seem to really like his attacking style. I do like the idea of giving Ramirez an opportunity though, feel like he might have earned it after leading Xolos during Piojo’s recent suspension.

Hopefully next month! Need to start working on another list of San Diego soccer people that I want to interview.

It’s tough selecting just one!

This recent one is definitely a favorite. A Mexican-related one is that Hector Moreno had more goals in all competitions during the 2015-16 season than Carlos Vela.


I wouldn’t be surprised if JJ Corona lost his backup goalkeeping spot in the roster. Oribe Peralta, in spite of his occasional goals for America, is also on the cusp of being pushed out too.

As for those who can sneak in, Erick Gutierrez definitely has the potential to work his way in and so does Rodolfo Pizarro. Cesar Montes is also an interesting option that might be able to earn a call-up soon.

Got one from my buddies over at soccerloco in San Diego. I’m afraid to take it out of the box haha.

Lozano might leave this summer! I think the bigger thing to focus on is what changes might happen before the Club World Cup.

It’s not the only reason, but I think a major factor are feelings from the USA vs Mexico rivalry that transition over to the dislike of MLS. Although I support both leagues, I sometimes can’t help but root for Mexican clubs in CCL matches against MLS sides.

I know there are plenty of variables to consider here, but one thing that would help is having more Mexican and Mexican-American names in rosters. There’s still plenty of room for progress with outreach as well.



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