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#AskCesar: Mexican goalkeepers, Liga MX and Whataburger.

Questions! Answers! Hamburgers?

If you haven’t already had a chance to check-out the video preview, you can watch it here. If you’ve already done that, let’s get these questions started!

Talking about the national team, right? I think so, but I’m worried that it won’t be the Paul Aguilar that we have been accustomed to during the past few years. The defender is recovering from a lengthy injury and will likely miss out on the Confederations Cup. Maybe a call-up in the Gold Cup will be better?

If we aren’t considering U.S.-based friendlies or games, I didn’t attend my first Liga MX match until a few years ago during a trip to Guadalajara, it was a Clasico Tapatio game. Like many Mexican-Americans, I grew up watching the league but never went to the games. Other than a couple of visits to Baja, my family never went back to Mexico.


Zidane? I don’t know. I like the strange question but now I feel weird looking at too many pictures of bald people. I’ll go with Zidane.

Four Mexican goalkeepers under the age of 27 to keep an eye on: Raul Gudiño, Jesse Gonzalez, Hugo Gonzalez, Gibran Lajud.

This season is going to be impossible to predict but let’s give this a try!

#1 Monterrey
#2 Chivas
#3 Toluca
#4 America
#5 Xolos
#6 Pumas
#7 Atlas
#8 Tigres

I do my best to be unbiased, so I try (keyword here is “try,” which doesn’t always work out though haha) to not root for anyone. Looking at potential champions, I’m putting my money on Toluca.

The kid has played in matches for Mexico’s youth national team and in MLS playoff games for FC Dallas. Not bad for a goalkeeper who is about to turn 22, I say it would be a great investment for Pachuca.

He won’t be president once the World Cup starts. Who knows if his term will even last by the time they decide that it will be given to the U.S.-Mexico-Canada bid. After reading this interview with Santos Laguna’s president, it seems like Mexico had to squeeze its way into a World Cup role that the U.S. wanted to host on its own.

Turns out it’s a camp for the Dos Bros. Also, am I really missing out on anything with Stepbrothers?

Quiet performance, but that makes sense when he hasn’t started in a league match since last year. As mentioned earlier, I think he will eventually return to the national team, but I’m worried that he won’t be at the same level that we are all expecting.

That’s a tough question and I’m honestly not sure. Especially when you consider that he is one of the captains on the team but has also had an average season. Need to take these with a grain of salt, but he was rumored for a transfer with Napoli in the past and I’ve seen recent stuff online about Newcastle being interested as well. Could all just be #FakeNews, but I think a move would be good for him.

In-N-Out is over-hyped, Shake Shack is average. I’m going with Five Guys, but to be fair, I’ve never had Whataburger.

Green peas and then I’ll do the entire interview with a YouTube clip of his face-goal against Chelsea on loop in the background.

Turns out, she isn’t.

For those who don’t know. DJ Cuddles = The greatest cat in the world.

Aviles is better than Gignac this season, but if I was out at a scrimmage with Liga MX stars and had to pick a team, I would select Gignac over Aviles.

I think I might be missing out on a good burger here…

I’m actually thinking of wearing that jersey with a My Chemical Romance hoodie and a Fall Out Boy beanie. Gotta add that chain wallet as well.



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