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Miguel Layun speaks out against Portugal Toys R Us’ ‘Border Wall’ Decoration

The current political situation going on in the United States has touched some of the most unlikely of places, most notably a children’s store.

Mexican and Porto FC defender Miguel Layun tweeted out a picture of what he saw when he visited on Toys R Us based in Portugal Saturday. In the picture, there seemed to be a hand-drawn wall with a STOP sign at the entrance and two signs hanging from the ‘wall’. One sign says ‘Mexico’ with an arrow pointing in one direction and another that has ‘USA’.


His tweet reads: ”How sad that the Toys R Us in Gaia would have this type of decoration. We choose to leave once we saw this ‘joke.’”

President of the United States, Donald Trump, has been very vocal about his intentions to ‘build a wall.’ It was one of his strongest stances during his campaign. His very first speech announcing his run for President back in 2015 included him insulting Mexicans, with his infamous “drug and rapists” description of them. He continues to be very vocal about his position regarding the wall under his current administration. Tie that into the raids taking place throughout the United States that specifically target undocumented immigrants and the anger Miguel Layun feels becomes even more justified. Other players such as Rafael Marquez have also expressed their opposition to the Trump administration’s policies.

Toys R Us’ official twitter account responded to Miguel Layun’s tweet:

No other comment has been made by the company regarding the decorations.



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