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Three Takeaways From Liga MX Femenil 2020 Clausura – Week 7

Hello everyone and welcome back to our weekly post about the Liga MX Femenil! We were gone for a few weeks dealing with national team duties, life stuff and some sick babies but the three takeaways have returned and here is what stood out to me for Week 7.

Mexican-American senior national team players are back to show their worth. The dual-national players have continuously shown how beneficial their addition to the league has been and with a large amount of those Liga MX Femenil players taking part in the Olympic qualifiers, their absence from the 2020 Clausura season was heavily felt. Jocelyn Orejel returned to Xolos Femenil providing immediate impact in the seventh minute during Monday’s game against Chivas Femenil, winning the ball on her side of the field and continuing the run into space until she effortlessly placed the ball at Lucero Cuevas’ feet at the top of the box that ended with a good volley from Cuevas. Chivas would also show the perks of having a dual-nationals on their team with a goal from Janelly Farias just one minute later thanks to an assist from the newly-signed Maria Sanchez earning a stat during her debut match.

América continues to be the Superlider. I will continue to kick myself in the head for thinking América would struggle at all to open up this season. On the contrary, the Lady Aguilas continue to show the strength they possess and currently sit at the top of the table undefeated with five victories and two draws. And speaking of Mexican-Americans showing up, the addition of Marlyn Campa is only longer beginner’s luck, with the California native having five goals in six games — currently sitting in third in the league goal race behind veterans Fabiola Ibarra and Desiree Monsivais. Like I said, I severely underestimated them and might be waiting a while for their first loss.

Atlas isn’t playing around this season. It might not be an undefeated start of the season but with only one loss in seven matches and just one point behind America, Atlas is beginning to pick up necessary steam since their dismal season back in 2018. Since the acquisition of players Fabiola Ibarra (who is currently the lead goalscorer with six goals) and Alison Gonzalez (who has three goals of her own this season), the team has been able to execute an impressive attacking side. Their last three playoff appearances have ended in the first round but with primarily high-scoring results this season and a good test against a momentum-ridden Chivas for an exciting Clasico Tapatio this upcoming jornada might just be the motivator to keep them going.





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