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#AskCesar: World Cup draw possibilities, the quinto partido and “Chucky” Lozano.

Welcome to another edition of #AskCesar!

In case you didn’t notice, we have officially moved this weekly article to Thursdays. SO, if you want to take part in the next one, be sure to send me your questions on Twitter every Wednesday! I select three for a video preview and then answer the rest here.

Let’s see what we have this week.

Easiest draw: Russia, Mexico, Senegal, Saudi Arabia.
Toughest draw: Germany, Mexico, Iceland, Nigeria.

The favorite has to be Germany. The team is head and shoulders above the rest in the world and has an incredible amount of depth. Dark horse? I’ll go with Colombia. Although Los Cafeteros had some problems during qualifying, the squad has plenty of exciting talent within the roster.

There’s a chance, but I think it’s unlikely. Although more can potentially be added, at the moment, there is one friendly scheduled for San Antonio in late January, a farewell game in the Estadio Azteca and plans for at least two games in Europe. Let’s see what other news develops in the near future…

This season: I see them as potential candidates for the title, but I can’t imagine them getting past Monterrey or Tigres if they go up against either side.

Next season: I can see them slightly getting better. Young names like Diego Lainez, Edson Alvarez, Carlos Vargas and Guido Rodriguez are only going to get better. That is, assuming nobody leaves over the winter.

Maybe? I don’t know, I think it all depends on the scenario, game or season. In the current 2017 Apertura, I do wonder if Chivas fans are having a difficult time celebrating those losses for America.

“Bad Hombre” is doing alright as a defensive midfielder right now. I think he’s at an 87. I’m more of a box-to-box guy and have a decent shot from distance but I also mistime too many tackles. I should probably play some more.

This sounds like a question for Loveline. Somewhat of a tangent, but I used to listen to Loveline on KROQ during my teenage years. My Catholic parents obviously didn’t like that.

The harsh reality is that it might not get any better than this. I know some fans are calling for more true fullbacks to be given a chance, but I don’t think adding in a name like Paul Aguilar, “Chapo” Sanchez or “Dedos” Lopez will do much to drastically improve the backline.

Fans will need to pray that key players like Hector Moreno and Miguel Layun remain healthy.

I haven’t looked into those rumors much lately, but I don’t think so. It seems as though he will continue to fight for minutes in Portugal with Benfica.

All depends on the opponent. That said, against a tough opponent, I think Osorio will go with an XI that looks very similar to the one used against Belgium. Not my ideal XI, but this is what it’ll probably look like.

2%, maybe lower. Yesterday on Twitter he basically called-out a report that said he wanted to return to Chivas and said that the report was “completely false.” He also just arrived to West Ham. If he does leave, it’ll be after the full season.

We’re going to the quinto partido. Quarterfinals.

I don’t know. There’s a part of me that recognizes that it does little to help U.S. soccer, but there’s also a part of me that also thinks it would be really fun. Also, I don’t get the people who are genuinely furious about the situation or who take it very seriously.

It’s the short-tournament format. We get more exciting soccer because each game has more importance but it comes at a price. If a team only has 17 regular season matches, why give opportunities to young players when you can buy a name with more experience who will give you immediate results?

It’s not a popular opinion, but I like the idea of keeping the playoffs at the end, but having a full 34-game season instead of having the year split up into two tournaments.

I was rooting for them. I know they probably would have had a very difficult time next summer, but I always appreciate seeing other CONCACAF teams in the World Cup.

I clearly love watching Liga MX but don’t really care about the Copa MX until the knockout stage. Your idea is similar to the one I have: Immediately go into the knockout round. Also, like the U.S. Open Cup, I think it would be awesome to have amateur, semi-pro and lower-league clubs in the early stages of the tournament.

Also, it would be fascinating to invite MLS teams as well.

Govea earned the call-up but hasn’t earned a place in the national team just yet. If that makes sense. He adds some nice depth to the midfield and was rewarded for his risk-taking move to Porto’s B team and his current successful loan in Belgium. In the end, I don’t think there will be space for him in the World Cup roster but I appreciated seeing him get minutes.

Elias has been brilliant in Liga MX and he’ll get his chance to shine in the late January friendly for Mexico. If he doesn’t get a call-up then, that’s when media and fans should start asking questions.

Not at all, he is still an irreplaceable member of Mexico’s national team. On paper, an attacking trio of Lozano-Chicharito-Tecatito is the best available for El Tri.

Not sure if you already heard the news, but it will be Mexico vs Bosnia & Herzegovina on January 31st in San Antonio. It doesn’t land on a FIFA date so that means that the squad will probably be very Liga MX-heavy and will include some of the MLS guys.

As for Lozano, it’s still too early to call but plenty of English teams are keeping an eye on him. A good World Cup will probably guarantee a transfer.

Apologies good sir, can’t do that. We are inviting random guests onto next Monday’s Mexican Soccer Show, but they are contributors to our Patreon page. Maybe it’s you if you’re already a member! Or maybe it will be you once we randomly select more patrons in the near future!

IF it happens (and that’s a big IF), all signs point to either Monterrey, Tigres or America.

If all of his off-the-field stuff is resolved, I would. I wouldn’t play him, though. What I would do is bring him to the World Cup as a leader in the locker room and a back-up to the DM position.



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