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#AskCesar: Jonathan dos Santos, MLS and why are we looking back at 2013 oh god.

#AskCesar is back!

You know the drill. Every Thursday I send out a couple of tweets asking you to send me any and all questions. I select three to answer on video and then answer the rest here.

Let’s see what we have this week.

I think the new format, which goes straight into a knockout round and begins early next year, will be taken more seriously than normal. That said, I don’t think Liga MX clubs will truly start to care or give these matches much importance until somebody from outside of Mexico wins the title.

Haha, is this in reference to the Jonathan dos Santos deal? You can’t just assume we are all salty about the deal, but here are my thoughts.

I think the issue here is that some of that animosity from the USMNT vs El Tri rivalry permeates into ideas and perceptions of MLS, at least from a Mexico fan point of view.

I think this is a great move for MLS and agree that it will help fuel the league, but from the point of view of many Mexico supporters, many don’t care much about the growth of MLS. The other problem at hand here is that even within the small group of those who support MLS and El Tri, such as myself, there is a general disappointment of Jona not continuing to test and challenge himself abroad.

That said, we can be a little salty.

Interesting. I say Liga MX all-stars are slightly better than MLS all-stars. However, an all-American MLS XI vs all-Mexican Liga MX XI narrowly goes to MLS.

Liga MX is deeper, but the big problem here is that there is a lack of minutes for young Mexican players due to the short tournament format. If the league truly wanted to develop more young talents, they should consider extending the season.

I don’t know if “waste” is the right word here. Jona will also only be 30 three years from now. I’m sure he could still be a massive talent in MLS or Liga MX at that point. Was the decision to move to MLS right for their careers? I don’t think so and I believe they could achieved more in Europe, especially Jona.

Yet, do I understand why they did it? Yup, and if I was one of them, I would also be tempted by the money and lifestyle.

Next Europeo to return: Hector Herrera

I find it to be fascinating more than anything else. It’s not a big move and they aren’t true representations of the best that Liga MX can offer. I don’t think it will help their case for the national team, but at the least, I applaud their willingness to take a risk in a league outside of North America.

Real talk, I have actually dealt with some serious anxiety for most of my life. When I was a kid, I used to get panic attacks all of the time, it was really embarrassing. A few years ago I decided to go to therapy which really, really, really helps. That and making the choice to face my fears instead of running away from them has helped me manage my anxiety. Also, jogging. Jogging is huge for my well-being.

I am fairly chill, but it took a lot of work to get here haha.

#1 Mexican national team
#2 San Jose Earthquakes
#3 everyone else

Tecatito is currently dealing with some slight muscle problems right now but he should definitely be good to go by Mexico’s next World Cup qualifier.

This summer was a disappointment but 2013 was awful. That award goes to the year that I don’t like to remember.

2013 — Mexico

Confed Cup: Group stage
Gold Cup: Semis
WCQ: 4th

2017 — Mexico

Confed Cup: Semis
Gold Cup: Semis
WCQ: 1st (so far)

Moreno, Tecatito, Layun, Herrera, (maybe Reyes) and Jimenez will still have Champions League opportunities. In the Europa League, Vela will be there and there’s also a chance for Lozano if PSV qualify for the group stage.

That said, I get your point and do wish more players were taking part in the CL. Not sure how Ochoa wasn’t able to find at least one club in either of those competitions that could have utilized him.

That’s a scorching hot-take my friend, but I don’t think he is ruining the national team. In truth, thanks to a number of talented attackers and midfielders, Mexico can do very well with or without the Dos Santos brothers.

It’s not greatly superior. Is Liga MX better? Yes, but I believe that the gap is closing. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if an MLS club wins the CCL title within the next few years.

I’m not the biggest fan of a 3-5-2, but this is what my XI would look like.

Alvarez is doing great but I still have faith in Layun…for now. Let’s see if he can at least get a starting role for Porto again this season.

I would love it if he moved to a bigger club but all signs have pointed to the player and club rejecting offers. I think he still wants to play one more season with Real Sociedad before leaving.

We all know that the answer here is Tom Marshall. Sometimes I think I work really hard and then I see how often he writes and reports. Don Tom da gawd.

Bury me under the spot in the Rose Bowl where Gio made Tim Howard look foolish.

Asada is always great but it gets boring sometimes. Pastor wins.

I think so. I like the idea of using some of those talented backups in the Gold Cup instead of sitting on the bench in the Confed Cup. Guys who weren’t guaranteed starters like Lozano, Marquez and Damm would have been great in the Gold Cup.

I wish I could give an answer to either of these. I didn’t catch the debut and don’t know much about Betis. It is quite funny though to suddenly see random reporters/fans who are “Betis experts” out of nowhere.

I wouldn’t be surprised if either of them left, but I think Joe is slightly more likely. He’s had offers from MLS clubs and another good season could mean a move north of the border in the near future.

That’s an Infantino-level question. In that hypothetical, I say Mexico wouldn’t be able to immediately take that WC berth but that CONMEBOL would eventually garner another spot.



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