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Alfredo Talavera: “Leave Osorio Alone”

One player has had enough with the constant criticism of the El Tri manager.

After Toluca’s uniform presentation on Friday, the attention turned to Mexican goalkeeper Alfredo Talavera who seemed frustrated as he answered questions about Mexican coach Juan Carlos Osorio.

“Just leave him alone and let him work. I’m there and I know the reality of things. Everyone speculates before games and he’s crucified after. Simply put, let him work. The numbers are all there,” he stated for reporters at the presentation.

Alfredo was also asked about the controversial rotaciones in which many fans and press say have negatively affected the team.

“He is giving all of us an opportunity and it will benefit Mexico in the end.  Look at Cesar Montes who was able to debut with the national team. He could be one of the players to play in the World Cup next year,” Talavera had in support of Osorio’s techniques.

In a league where many young players are often overlooked, the Toluca keeper finished the interview on how content he is with the Colombian manager.

“Anything could happen with young players. I’m very happy that a foreigner like our coach is doing something for the Mexican game but everyone is seeing him as the enemy. We need to think more bout the future and not necessarily on the day to day stuff.”

Since the start of the Confederations Cup back in June, many players have jumped on board with Juan Carlos Osorio’s methods and have publicly announced their support for their coach. However, despite the apparent unity on the team, on the field the players have not delivered. Many have pointed to the rotations as the reason Osorio failed to advance out of the semifinal match and his lack of priority in consistent defenders for results like the 4-1 score against Germany.

The pressure continues for Osorio, who is currently suspended for six matches and is missing on the sidelines for the Gold Cup. The latest match against Jamaica which ended in a dismal 0-0 draw only adds more scrutiny to an already controversial manager. Despite the players defending him, it seems the critiques will continue if Mexico fails to win the Gold Cup tournament at the end of July.





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