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#AskCesar: Mexico predictions against Russia, Netflix and preseason friendlies!

Questions! Answers!

Due to the fact that FutMexNation’s Twitter account is still down (sad trombone), there will be no video preview this week. So with that out of the way, let’s get #AskCesar started!

I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m following you!

Okay, okay, I lied, I followed you after you sent me this Tweet.

I’m really interested in Porto and Juventus playing against Mexican teams next month. Technically, it’s called the “Super Copa Tecate,” but we all know they are friendlies. Porto will face Cruz Azul (July 17th) and Chivas (July 19th), while Juventus will take on Monterrey (July 18th) and Tigres (July 19th).

That’s a tough question. It’s close between JC Chavez and Hugo, but I’ll go with Hugo Sanchez. Don’t agree though that he is the greatest Mexican star there will ever be.

I don’t Mexico will suffer during the next World Cup. Not saying that El Tri will be champions or make it to the final, but there is a decent core of talented players that have the capabilities to do well in 2018. I have faith in JCO…for now.

After his last game, I would like to see Aquino given the start. I’ll go with a front three of Aquino, Chicharito and Vela.

I don’t think so. Despite his anger after the recent final against Chivas, I think he genuinely still loves Tigres and Mexico. If he does leave, it wouldn’t be anytime soon. He still has a contract with Tigres and the team would likely want some serious $$$ for the player.

Good question! I’ll go with Jona. His work-rate and intelligent play creation are on another level. He might end up being Mexico’s best player of the tournament.

If we are talking about talent here, Carlos Vela is at the very top. Just show them or anyone highlights of his goals and tricks. At his best, there are few defenders in the world who can stop his runs or dangerous passes.

I believe both are destined for MLS first and would then maybe end their careers in Liga MX. There’s a very good chance that Chicharito eventually makes his way back to Chivas. As for Vela, I know he said he would be open to a move, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays in the United States after an inevitable move to MLS.

Because we wanted Bielsa and that didn’t work out so we got the next best option that was willing to work with Mexico.

Nothing significant recently, but I would be interested to see what major news might emerge after the Gold Cup. Plenty of promising names that will get more attention through a strong performance next month for El Tri.

Movie night with a group of friends back in college. Completely accidental and I cringe when I think about it. I tried to play it cool but who tries to play it cool after farting?! What was I thinking.

10 10 10 10 10 10 10

With a baby rabbit ladder? A baby rabbit helicopter rescue team?

I say a Mexico vs Germany final! Mexico beats Chile in the semis.

I don’t know. Every time I start to build up serious criticism against him he provides an extraordinary game. If he can work on his decision-making, he would be an extraordinary player.

I don’t think so. I think that would take a loss to Russia tomorrow and a poor performance in the Gold Cup. Even then, he has been thriving in World Cup qualifying.

Nothing concrete recently, but as mentioned beforehand, let’s wait and see what names might begin emerging during and after the Gold Cup.

I know it was a backup roster, but a 3-5-2 is very close to what JCO used against New Zealand. Honestly, I think El Tri would do fine in a 4-3-3 with Luis Reyes and Miguel Layun as the left and right-back. I’m still hesitant about a three-man backline against a strong squad.

I would immediately bring in Jesus Molina or Gallito. Not sure why Molina wasn’t at least given a spot on the bench for Osorio.

It’s a very close call between Chile and Germany. I’ll go with Chile because I was slightly more impressed with the national team in the recent 1-1 draw against the Germans.

Many more than Mexico.

No one must know that I support both teams. Imagine how embarrassing that woul— oops…

Hasan Minhaj’s stand-up special. Watch it now! I feel like a lot of us Latinx could relate to some of his stories.

Every excellent pass I make in FIFA during co-op matches.

Friend: Dude, incredible through ball!
Me: I…meant to do that.

Naw, he’s not a starter, but he’s not done. I see him as an exciting option off of the bench, if needed.

I like basketball but I don’t follow his situation enough to know what’s going on. He seems like a jerk?

I would like to see him improve his technical game with a mid-table team in Germany. The big question, unfortunately, is if any team will be willing to spend plenty of $$$ for the agile winger.

I know Monterrey fans are waiting for a massive move, but bringing in Aviles Hurtado is huge. If he can work well with the rest of that attack, Los Rayados are going to be unstoppable.

In a situation where Hector Moreno is (hopefully) healthy, I would go with this 4-3-3:

FW: Aquino—Chicharito—Vela
MF: Guardado—Jona—Herrera
DF: L.Reyes—Moreno—D.Reyes—Layun
GK: Ochoa

I can’t afford it! Maybe I should convince ESPN to give me a lucrative deal to cover the San Jose Earthquakes haha.

Some serious growing pains at the moment, but I think VAR benefits soccer by reviewing crucial moments of the game. I’m glad it’s being tested out and I’m hoping that all of the quirks and odd situations will be ironed out by the time next summer rolls around.

I don’t think so. Chicharito still deserves a starting role. That said, if the striker is struggling to find the back of the net, Jimenez must be one of the first subs that Osorio should consider early on in the second half.



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