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#AskCesar: Andres Guardado, U20 & U17 losses and favorite jerseys.

Questions! Answers!

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the preview video, you can watch it here. If you’ve already done that, let’s start this week’s #AskCesar!

In the past, Herrera has mentioned that he is open to coaching in MLS. I could see it happen, but not in the near future. A move to Club America appears set for this summer, and after that, he undoubtedly has an eye on a return to the national team.

This guy!

Not really. The recent losses at the U20 and U17 level are definitely a bit worrying, but not significant enough to indicate a shift in the power. I think we should start to feel concerned once these results become more regular, as opposed to just a couple of surprise defeats.

Pumas jerseys are usually pretty cool, but this home kit is incredible. By far my favorite during the past few years in Liga MX.

As for Europe, I’m a big fan of Porto’s away kit.

I have no idea, but once you find out, please share the link with all of us so we could buy them! I have a knock-off green one but really want one of the white ones too. Also #DontSkipSchool #UnlessItsForElTri #JustKidding #Maybe

Cesar, why do you do #AskCesar? Do people actually read this? Do people actually care? You could be playing FIFA right now or going on a jog.

Haven’t seen the Beach Soccer World Cup, but I saw highlights of this crazy goal scored against Mexico the other day.

Hmm, am I the only one who isn’t that worried about this? I could be wrong, but I feel like these are just a couple of bad results that don’t mean much in the end.

You could still watch the Canelo fight at the Estadio Caliente! Xolos recently announced that they will be showing the fight on the big screen after the game against Veracruz this weekend.

Sorry strangers? Family over strangers.

I don’t think so. It’s the right time for him to make the move abroad and I believe that the club recognizes that. Fingers crossed that he is finally able to join a European club this summer.

Lobos BUAP have the slight advantage, but I really want to see Juarez fight for a place in the first division. Just because I’m rooting for them, I say Juarez walks away with the championship.

PS4! Soft serve! Last one depends on the opponent and what my roster looks like!



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